Tuesday, April 29, 2014

He is for sure getting baptized

You did write a lot! But it was quality stuff, so it is all good! I still have not gotten my shirts... Lame!! That is so unbelievable that I have hit my 100 day mark! Weird! How many more does Allison have? I want to go to a seafood restaurant! When I got to this area, there was a ton of Tilapia in the freezer, so I have been eating that a lot. It is yummy! I also made some for Simpson even though he doesn't like fish, but I made him try it because it is only Tilapia after all, and he liked it. Also made banana pancakes yesterday morning for us too!

On to the week!

-Tuesday: We played some more walking dead risk... I want a new board game. I love it, but it is good to switch off some times lol. Got a haircut, the benefit of serving a mission in Utah, went to a really nice place for haircuts, but we get it for free there. We are spoiled lol. Went shopping as well. After P-day we had a lesson with the Knights. Will is doing super awesome! All those reviews finally paid off, He is for sure getting baptized.

 -Wednesday: We had our final District Meeting for the transfer. We got Zone T-shirts. I think that they are pretty cool, it has the number of baptisms we had last month on the back, made of baptismal symbols. We also had lunch with the ZL's Bishop who owns like a cultural center of their own. It had ping pong, fussball, chess, home theater, Buffett set up, ect. We had Hawaiian haystacks. I love Mt. Fujis (That’s what we call them) lol. We did contacting some more in the afternoon, nobody was home like always. We had three out of our 4 lessons go through in the night though

-Thursday: Had Zone Study in the morning. It is the last one with this group so we had a lot of fun. We set up a new goal for next month concerning baptisms, which is 22. But then we played a game where there are two teams with crackers tied on a string on our belt loops and each team would run across the gym and try to get to the other side still having the cracker on the string with everyone with rolled up newspaper trying to hit each other's. Didn't matter if some fell off, but as long as there was some cracker, you were still alive. If your cracker fell off, you would sit down and be stationary there and try to hit off the remaining crackers people had. It was super fun. The afternoon was really difficult, absolutely nobody answered the door from 4 hours of contacting. However, after dinner, a lot of people answered the door. Yay!

-Friday: Nothing really different happened... We did have 3 lessons, that all went through! We were on splits, and I went to Tom's lesson. I went through the baptismal interview questions with him. His only concern is that he doesn't have a testimony of Joseph Smith. That's what he says anyways. He does believe that the Book of Mormon is from God though. Which doesn't that mean you would believe in Joseph Smith if you believed in the Book of Mormon? Well, we will get him there though. He is golden. He is losing his Job though, so the family is going to be going through some financial struggle.

-Saturday: We both spoke at Stake Conference, which was a wonderful experience. It was the best stake conference I've been to! I'm not just saying that because I spoke at it... Haha. But the whole subject was over hastening the work. Elder Simpson spoke first, and literally said everything I was going to say. So once I stood up there I said, "Well Simpson said everything in my talk... So Amen!" Then started to walk away. That got a good laugh. I did have to come up with new stuff though. The spirit helped me a lot in my endeavor. President Spackman had all the youth stand up and he called them all to be family history workers. Man, they are definitely hastening the work here. Also we had Navaho Tacos, but the meat was really gross. Sadly. I was so excited when I saw it, and was deeply disappointed haha

-Sunday: had more Stake Conference. Neil L. Anderson was the speaker, was held at the conference center. Later that day, we learned that we were allowed to go down to the conference center to attend. Lame! That would have been cool! After Stake Conference we went and saw auxiliary leaders, since the whole conference was about hastening the work, we thought it would be good to talk to them about missionary work. That is what the day consisted of. -Monday: Strange weather day, it looked warm outside so we just rolled up our sleeves and went out, but shortly after it started snowing.... Like what? Lol it was crazy! I can't believe it is Tuesday again! It seems like it just was P-day! The mission has a strengths test that we have to take, it is just a series of questions, then tells you what your strengths are. Mine are... Achiever Strategic Responsibility Analytical Competition Transfer breakfast was this morning! We both survived! We got new ZL and a new DL though. Sad.


Elder Wrathall


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