Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"what the heck are you doing!!"

     So last P-day we weren't so busy. And I am glad for that. We had a member priest, come over to our place and we played The Walking Dead Risk. And of course we did the usual shopping. I really just bought milk and cereal haha.

      Wednesday we had some lessons, one with Tom who is practically in the water already, his only concern is that he wants to wait for his daughters to get back from their mission before he gets baptized. However when mother's day gets here and he talks to his daughters and they tell him to get baptized now, it will be a done deal. We also had a ward activity we went to, which was a spaghetti dinner. Someone paid for our tickets, then for dessert you have to buy your dessert and Simpson was going to buy something, but another member bought that for him too lol. Then someone told us if we sang for everyone there on the microphone, he would give the fundraiser for the young women $10. So of course we had to do it. We sang praise to the man, and sounded terrible.

      Thursday we had some more lessons and did a lot of contacting. When riding the bikes, the driveways of houses make good jumps off the curb. So we were messing around and jumping off of those ramps. But Simpson went off one and there was a parked car shortly after the jump. He wasn't able to turn day enough and ran into it... I busted out laughing. It didn't look like it hurt so I didn't feel really bad. However the people in the house heard the collision and some Polynesian lady came out yelling, "what the heck are you doing!!" She was pretty mad. However when she found out there was no damage to the car, she lightened up a bit, and started cracking jokes at Elder Simpson. Haha!

     Friday we went on exchanges. So I was with Elder Kalamau in our area. Elder Kalamau is a super cool Elder. He is from Hawaii if that doesn't just say it all lol. He let me try some of his squid and it taste amazing! But anyways, he is super good at relating things to the gospel. We met someone in a park who was doing the metal detector things. Kalamau related the gospel to the metal detector and got a return appointment with the man. Haha it was pretty impressive. We had a lesson with the Knight family. They one Sunday came up to us and told us that they were recently getting back active, and that they have a 9 year old that wants to be baptized. So undoubtedly should be a pretty easy baptism. But their family so cool! Very fun to have lessons with! Today we have a lesson with them, and after we are going to dye Easter eggs with them Saturday we helped Tom with his backyard, shoveling gravel. Super tiring. I was dead after wards.

      We did a lot of contacting, because we had no lessons. On a terrible road, with tons of gravel and pot holes, Simpson fell into a pot holes and crashed his bike. Now this crash was not a funny one. That one looked like it hurt. He got scratched up pretty good, but nothing serious. Sunday, went to a ton of Meetings as always. We spoke about the atonement in Sacrament meeting. I love it because it builds the trust of members so much! I actually might actually go to other bishops and ask if we can talk in their Sacrament meeting. Never thought I would ask to talk... Haha. We had a lesson with some super cool members who have daughters who are less active. They fed us steak! Yummy! After the awesome lesson that was super spiritual they gave us new bikes, and leftover steaks. Haha. Our bikes before were absolutely terrible.

      Monday, we had zone conference, which is where the Mission President comes and trains our zone. It was super good! I learned a ton! We also had Hawaiian haystacks for lunch there, and that is always good Elder Simpson tried out the new bikes we got. And of course... crashed on one. Surprisingly...lol. It wasn't too bad, but opened up some of the scratches from last fall. Poor guy. And that was my week!

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