Tuesday, April 15, 2014

General Conference was amazing!

Yeah, flying is the best! I wish that I flew from Provo to Ogden... haha.

General Conference was amazing! I didn't get on camera, however Elder Simpson my companion did. He got a whole bunch of texts saying that they saw him on the news lol. If the camera started filming like 2 seconds before, I would have been on the news as well! Lame! I didn't have any April fools jokes played on me, but we went paintballing in the snow. When we got there, there was no snow, but when we left there was about 2 inches on the ground! It was super fun! I should have got pictures of that, but I guess I was just too in the game. Speaking of which, I’m sorry I did terrible with pics this week. I'm lame I know. I was going to get a picture in Salt Lake, but we are supposed to refrain from looking like tourist with taking pictures and things like that. So I didn't. That is hilarious that Kayla got fooled by Chick-fil-a! haha.

Anyways on to the week. We did a lot of contacting. We were doing tracking with non-member maps, however Elder Simpson came up with the idea that we should go to their neighbors and talk with them about inviting their non-member neighbors to go to church or to meet with us, rather than us doing it. We have yet to see any fruits come from it, but I do think it is a good idea, because we were not receiving many return appointments just tracking.
We have some pretty solid investigators, however, they will not commit to a baptism date. They read, pray, and go to church. However, they feel like they are just not ready. No matter what we say, they won't commit. They will be baptized eventually however. We have some other investigators, whom are not progressing at all. They are not keeping commitments regarding reading and, or praying. So we are planning to drop a couple of investigators this week.
General Conference was an awesome weekend! It was so nice to just listen to the Prophet and Apostles. We had some investigators listen in and we also brought an investigator named Art Rice to the actual conference center for the Sunday morning session. He absolutely loved it! It addressed a lot of his concerns.
We still don't have anybody with a date, however I think that will change this next week. We have been working really hard, and been really obedient, however The Lord is just putting us through some trial I guess, and that way we stay humble. Though we haven't had any baptism, we know that we have definitely planted some seeds. We have gained a lot more member trust. When we got here, there wasn't much trust headed are way. Now that we have some, the work will increase.

Tuesday we had a member take us out to Texas Roadhouse. That was super yummy! I love some steak!

Wednesday we were teaching a family the 10 Commandments. When we got to "Thou shall not kill" we asked a little kid why did he think that God would command us not kill people, his response was, "Cuz it's rude". That isn't a wrong answer, but we all laughed.

Friday We had dinner with President Hiers because our zone broke the mission record for most baptisms in a month with 45 baptisms. I felt kinda bad, because I didn't really help with any. However, president's steak was super good! So it made me forget about all of my shame and guilt lol.

Saturday we went to member's homes for conference. The first one we went to, I love their tradition! They have a "concessions stand" where you can buy treats with good deeds such as being reverent during conference. We also helped them with their yard before conference so they gave us a ton of "hearts" (Which was the currency).

Afternoon session we went to the Bell's house (Member who sent you a pic last week) they didn't have any traditions really. Lame! But we had dinner with them after, then played some cool board games with them as well.

We had scheduled appointments during the priesthood session. So we did miss a bit of the session because we were going in and out, but both lessons fell through.

Sunday, we got up at 5:45 to go with our investigator to conference in Salt Lake City. It was crazy down there. There were a ton of people begging for tickets. People holding up signs saying, "Joseph Lied". I wanted to go and talk with them so badly, however, we didn't have time. We got to sit in the very front row of the balcony. We got really god seats. Art loved it!

Sunday afternoon session we went over to a different member's home and she cooked cafe rio. It was super good! Better than cafe rio itself!

But yeah! We had a great week. Glad you did too! But I bet this upcoming week will be a lot better :P Love ya!


Elder Wrathall
I got a picture from a member of his old area that took him out to dinner.  :)

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