Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"cuz it makes toilets dumb!!"

I have not gotten the shirts yet.. Lame! We did have one dinner, though we were offered three. I don't like three dinners. One is enough. The picture you got was from Teresa Greenwood, Tom's wife (Who we are teaching getting ready to baptize). She is awesome, last night she dropped off some bread and milk for us! We have a ton of candy as well, though most of it I don't really like. Anyways, on to the week!

Tuesday: Went bowling and ate at Zaxbys. Nothing better than that! Well... Except for Skydiving and Zaxbys lol. Then of course did the shopping and all. Then we had a lesson with the Knights, who are the coolest family ever! Their son, William is 9 years old and hasn't been baptized. It has been hard getting him to retain information. After the lesson we dyed eggs with them and had ice cream. Nobody in their family likes hard boiled eggs except Dad, so they gave us most of them... 2 dozen eggs... Lol. Egg salad sandwiches!! Especially when my companion doesn't like them either.

Wednesday: We just did a lot of contacting. We had three lessons in the Evening set up, but all of them fell through We did get a few return appointments though. It was a super nice day out, so I really enjoyed riding the bikes, especially since we got that brand new one, that Simpson doesn't like so I always get to ride it

Thursday: The DLs came over into our areas and did splits with us, we did a ton of contacting. We got 10 Teach Testify and Invites. We also in the evening (Both of our lessons fell through again) had Elder Costello come and help us in our area. He is an AP, so he was experienced enough so he could give us some valuable feedback. He is a super cool guy.

Friday: Every Friday we do weekly planning for 2 hours in the morning. At the end we do companionship inventory. We were both not awake enough, we were tired, and just didn't have any enthusiasm in us. However, once we did companionship inventory, we were both really enthusiastic. It was awesome! We then did exchanges, I went with Elder Wiedner, into their area again. I love Elder Wiedner to death, however, he is not very good when it comes to time management. We only made two visits that day. I heard news from Kalamau and Simpson that they were able to set a date for Art Rice to be baptized, whom we have been working on for a while. That made me super excited!

Saturday: Day 2 with Elder Wiedner, we went to a baptism in the morning. One of the missionaries was baptizing the person, so the missionary that was left didn't want to give the message of the restoration by himself. So that's why I was there, to help him out. I thought he was gonna start it off, but we just stood up front for like 2 minutes in complete silence, so I just started us and got it going. Afterwards, Wiedner told me I should have let him take the lead. Apparently he was testing him to see how he would do. Well I didn't know that lol. We didn't make many visits today either. Got back into my area at night.

Sunday: Easter!! We actually didn't have many meetings held, which is great! We still went to two sacraments and some classes. Tom went to church!! Yes!!!! It was awesome! He loved it. He is so getting baptized. He wants to wait for his daughters to get back from their mission, but that won't happen, once he skypes with them, and they tell him to get baptized now, it will be set. So awesome! We made a lot of visits to Ward mission leaders, since it was Easter, we didn't want to go trackting. In case we offended people. We had a ton of members give us candy and some member ran out from his house and gave us a whole ham... Lol

Monday: We did more contacting and had a lesson with the Knights again! Will really retained a lot of information, we were all really impressed! We just had a really good time in the lesson, we were talking about the Word of Wisdom and we asked, "Why do you think God doesn't want us to take drugs?" And Alex, a 4 year old, said, "cuz it makes toilets dumb!!" We just busted out laughing! Like what??

 That was the week!

 Love ya! Elder Wrathall

Not quite sure what this is but he sent the picture of his creation I'm guessing


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