Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I am super excited for General Conference! We are going to the Sunday Morning session

     Good job doing indexing, that is pretty interesting about the burning apartment, that is funny that your great grandma's occupation was nothing lol. Should have saw that coming.
     I am super excited for General Conference! We are going to the Sunday Morning session, we only have seats up in the balcony however. The last General Conference before you go home, you get to be in the plaza up in the front. So that's something to look forward to! I get no bubble bread though :(
I saw trailer for Divergent before my mission, and it did look super good!
     Who was my ancestor that was born in Frankfurt and Died in Ogden?
On to the week.... Oh man, this is going to be difficult to remember stuff.
      Wednesday - I learned that my Landlord, Brother Seigwick is the printer for LDS and prints ensign and stuff like that, he has his signature on all of the magazines. He meets with Thomas S. Monson pretty regularly, so he told us he would tell him Hi from us. We biked around and contacted a lot of people. We had a lesson with Tom Greenwood, all the rest of his family is members and he actually has two daughters serving in Macon Ga, and South Carolina. He has a lot of questions, he previously has gone to anti-mormon meetings, but now is pretty open for learning. I think we will be able to get him baptized, however, it is going to take a while. He is a super cool guy!
    Thursday - We had no lessons, which is really hard for me. I'm not a big fan of contacting and knocking on doors. However, one door we knocked on, was a recent convert, and she has been struggling in her faith a lot recently and we were able to set up an appointment with her, and was very happy that we stopped by. That was a pretty cool miracle.
    Friday - We had a lesson with Art Rice, whom is another super cool investigator, he loves to learn more, he has been reading and praying every night. Also going to church every week. He has two kids, we are working for his daughter being baptized, and we asked him on Friday, is he wanted to be baptized. This was the most perfect invite we have ever done, the spirit was super strong, we were all had wet eyes because it was so strong. We weren't talking about anything sad, so it was completely the spirit. However, he told us no he couldn't because he didn't want to be a hypocrite. He still doesn't have a perfect knowledge in all the things we've taught him. We told him that he doesn't need a perfect knowledge, hardly any does. Still said no however. I thought it was odd, he would let his daughter be baptized, but he himself doesn't want to.
    Saturday- Played Dodgeball with the Zone, it was super fun! Did some service for Tom Greenwood, shoveled gravel for 2 hours. It was pretty tiring. We went over to the Higgin's house to teach a lesson, because we were told they were Non-members, turns out they are members, and are really active as well. Hmm? lol The rest of the day we biked place to place, and Nobody was home because of spring break.
    Sunday - Went to a meeting at 7:00 in the morning, turns out it was cancelled. Enjoyed 3 Sacrament meetings. Biked around in the snow and contacted people. Taught some lessons, though most of them fell through.
    Monday - Played dodge ball again as a Zone. I forgot to put my contacts in before leaving, so I say blobs coming at me and blobs shuffling around on the other side of the court haha. I didn't do very well. Went on exchanges, got to be in a car for the day! It was soo nice. We drove through Morgan (See picture) Oh man is it beautiful there!! I think even more beautiful than GA! :O
I have gotten to have a better relationship with my companion, turns out we are super similar! We did a ton of the same stuff back at home.
Sorry for blinking in the picture... Typical Dallin.
We're going Paintballing today for P-day! :)
Good to hear from ya!
Elder Wrathall

A member had an Old cop car, he wanted us to pretend like we were getting arrested.


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