Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fun Facts: My bike got ran over this week

Onto the week!
   Tuesday Morning is when I learned that I was going to be transferred to Syracuse. Honestly, I was not excited at all. I had progressed a lot in Roy West, I loved the people, I loved my companion, I finally got to know the area. Just picked up 2 new investigators the night before. Now I go to a new area and leave all that behind and start up new. We went bowling later that day and my new companion was there, Elder Simpson, so I went up to him and brightly exclaimed, "I'm your new companion!" He looked puzzled for a sec, looked at my name tag and then went, "OHHH, Sweet!" Then we hugged and fireworks went off, and rainbows appeared, and confetti came falling down from the heavens. First impression of him was that he was a pretty chill dude, I got to know that he has only been out for 6 months. So we were both fairly new, and this was his 2nd area as well.
After bowling, I had to go and pack up all my stuff, while Elder Berg cracked jokes about him staying and me leaving... Meanie! Then in the evening, I made all my rounds to say goodbye to everybody. Everyone was really surprised, including me lol.
   Wednesday: Transfer Day! Oh man, I don't like transfers, we went to the transfer point, and waited there for about 40 min for Elder Simpson to finally show up, because they got lost. Then we were going to ride back to Syracuse in their car, because they did have a car in the Syracuse area for us, however, at the transfer point, they gave it to some other Elders. So we had to cal someone up, and it took them 1 1/2 hours to get here. So we just sat there pretty much waiting.
We finally got to our area, and were able to work. I learned that we don't have anyone set for a baptism date, (Which is really not good, you should always have at least 1) and we had no lesson set for the day... Oh man, I did not like that at all, I just came from an area where we were doing about an average of 5 lessons a day. On top of it all, Elder Simpson did not have an inch of enthusiasm, he looked down when he walked, he talked like he was bored. And he didn't have a really good idea on what we should be doing. I was missing Roy very much to say the least. He asked me my thoughts on the area when near the end of the day, and I kinda unloaded all my thoughts, nevertheless, that offended him that I felt like he had no drive. So one thing lead to another and we practically hated each other. Yay!
Also, we were not fed on thsi day because we had nobody to schedule our dinners
   Thursday: We had our studies in the morning, and during companion study we did Companionship inventory, and thus we were able to clear the air, and we didn't hate each other anymore. His drive significantly improved, and was a lot more optimistic. He must have just had a bad day on Wednesday. We had Zone Study, I got to meet out ZLs, whom are super cool! And our DLs... not so cool, he is really inappropriate, makes vulgar comments all the time, and brings up not very virtuous things. I am supposed to go on exchanges with him this week, and I don't know how I am going to tell my "Superior" that he needs to change his ways to be more like Christ.
No dinner again.
   Friday: I don't even know what happened on Friday. Taught some lessons and stuff. No scheduled dinner, but a member that we just walked in the house fed us :) 
   Saturday: Taught some lessons and stuff. I finally got the dinner schedule up and running so now we have dinners!
   Sunday: Lots and Lots of meetings... then some lessons and stuff.
   Monday: Today was a very good day! We had 6 lessons, just today, we got a lot of refferals and a lot of return appointments too.

Overall, my relationship with Elder Simpson, has most definitely been a roller coaster ride. He is a good teacher (except, he says some things that I would consider to be really, really offensive)  though, he wants to improve the area. Has a drive to do the work.
He does not like to plan... at all. Random days he is super tired, because he hardly eats anything, some days he eats a bag of popcorn and that is really it. I've told him he needs to eat more. Those days, he is just a complete bum. 
He is really impressed with how well of a missionary I am, he is constantly giving me compliments on what I do well, and also gives me ways that I can improve. he thinks I will be in a leadership position shortly. Like in 2 transfers or something.
So this transfer has been really difficult, however, it gives me a lot of experience, and I will be able to build up this area's work. Though I do miss Roy West a lot, and Elder Berg. But the Lord gives me these trails that I can grow from them.

Fun Facts:
-My bike got ran over this week.... bent up the wheel pretty bad. Member is fixing it for me :)
- A jogger running by yelled, "2 Nephi 32: 4" ( I was just like, "Only in Utah")
- There are two small streets in this area that both have 2 Bishops on each of them.
-The stake I cover, has 8 wards
- Our Landlord (Sis. Seigwick) Is quilting me a quilt! :)

Elder Wrathall


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