Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I like the thrill of almost getting hit by cars!

     That is awesome that Jacob (His cousin) came over to do an interview for the NFL, is interning to like play? or what? That would be pretty cool if he lived close to us! Family in GA!!!  I have learned so many things from Jesus The Christ. It is fun learning new things about the gospel. Elder Berg and I go into deep doctrine quite often. Latin is definitely a pain :(, Day Light savings didn't really affect me a all. I just went to bed an hour early.
     This week was great! We are getting some great miracles! Andrew's (Baptized a few weeks ago) Dad has been coming to church and felt great for it, we met with him twice now, and have set up a date for him to be baptized. He really wants to! A Dad!!! From what I have heard, that is pretty rare in the mission. So i'm pretty grateful for that. We also have two new potential investigators, however one of our investigators is not committing and not meeting with us. So that is sad.
       I have been having a hard time contacting, but now I feel that I am a lot better at not being awkward at things such as door contacts, or contacts in general. Elder Berg has helped me a lot with that through role plays. We have been also going on a ton of splits. A lot of the times I don't like splits because I don't get to meet with the family that Elder Berg visits, and I love them! However I know that we get a ton more work done when we do split. Yesterday we taught 5 lessons in 3 hours.
     In our zone we have a worksheet that each companionship fills out throughout the week, it is called Exact Attack. There is a list of things that we should do, concerning obedience (ex. Wake up at 6:30, Start Personal Study at 8:00, ect.). The highest score possible is 70, Elder Berg and I were able to achieve that last week! :)
     We saw a cat catch a mouse, that was pretty cool! lol
     Oh we also had dinner with the Williams, your visiting teacher companion back in California. They are a super nice family, they fed us Asian Take out food lol. Their son has a super cool motorcycle! Brother Williams is super smart scientist engineer guy. lol.
The Williams were nice enough to send me a picture.
     I also meet someone who was friends with Grandpa Wrathall, their names were, "Marvin and Coletta" I don't know their last name... lol They said they were super close though.
We rode our bikes a lot this week, super fun! I love riding bikes, especially down hill. I ride in the middle of the street, because I like the thrill of almost getting hit by cars!
Well that is all I can think of about this week.
Elder Wrathall
This is the weekly picture I get from a member who feeds them every Wednesday.


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  1. You better warn Dallin about being careful when he's riding his bike. Although missionaries have extra protection around them, it doesn't mean nothing bad can happen to them. Neal got hit by a car when he was riding his bike on his mission.