Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It is crazy that it is March already! And only 22 more fast Sundays now!

     So I am writing this the night before therefore have more time on p-day for shopping and other stuff. So I will respond to your email at the bottom.

     Also! Thanks for the package! However, I did have to pay $12 for it because the fee for forwarding it to me. They said if you paid $1 more for priority mail, I wouldn't have to pay for it. Good t-shirt choice though!! :)
This week was really good! We are having a pretty hard time at finding new people to teach though. We are teaching a lot of less actives, but the zone and president pressure us to get our numbers up for baptisms and lessons with non-members. So we need to hand the less actives over to the members to teach.
Right now we are really focusing on the members doing the finding for us, and giving us referrals, and even helping us teach. We have a meeting to train the Ward Missionary Leaders next Sunday.

     This week we have given many people priesthood blessings. One kid we are teaching, Dylan, has something that started on his leg, that builds up a lot of scar tissue and is spreading to other parts of his body. It is attacking his joints and limiting them so he can't move them as much. It is really sad. We gave him a blessing last night, so hopefully it is in god's will for him to get better, or else his whole body could be attacked and get stiffened.
We picked up a new investigator last night, he is set to be baptized the 29th of March. This is the first time I have met him, however, Elder Berg says that he has had a baptism date 3 times before this date. He keeps just stopping meeting with us. He seems very prepared by the Lord to be baptized, he knew all the fundamentals, and has a testimony of them, such as Joseph Smith, and the Atonement. He used to be a drug lord, and was put on death row. But he read the Book Of Mormon and a book about Joesph Smith, and for some reason, they let him go. Pretty cool miracle. I have faith that this time we'll be able to get him, he knows everything very well, we just need him to make commitments.

     This week, the ward that feeds us for dinner. The ward mission leader assigned dinner to the less actives in the ward. So far they have just dropped off food at our home, rather than letting us in. Sad that we can't get to talk with them. Also having food dropped off at our house 3 times in a row, we get tons of left overs. On Monday we got a whole pan of lasagna that feeds like 7 people. Our landlords are helping us out though. They especially like to help us when we get pie, which we have gotten three pies in three days. 1 coconut cream pie, then 2 Apple pies. Whenever we tract and find a member, or visit a member, 90% of the time they offer us food, 40% of the time they force us to take food with us. Last night, a member gave us 2 boxes of peanut butter Girl Scout cookies. We just gave it to the person who was driving us around places. Haha. I know what you are thinking, "Have you gained any weight??" I don't exactly know as of right now, I have yet to see a scale. I think I probably have gained a little.

     My favorite time of the day is probably Personal Study. I am reading "Jesus the Christ". Learning tons of stuff. Even though the basic fundamentals is all we need to know. Learning deep doctrine is soo much fun! Lol. There is a member here that is super smart in doctrine, or in everything in general. We asked him how the great flood was possible (Noah's Ark). He told us we weren't ready to know, but he gave us a hint saying, "Saturn is a strange planet..." Haha.

     Today we are going to work on our bikes to see if we can get them working. It will be super nice to have bikes. We could get soo much more done, rather than walking. Today we are also going up to Hill Air Force Base, we are teaching a less active whom does law enforcement on base! He asked us if we would want a tour of base. So we said sure why not! Oh last P-day we went bowling again, and I Scored a 146. I was soo close to Turkey 3 times in the game, it was maddening! That was also the first time that  I beat everyone. However, midway game, some other elders came in, and when we were leaving, they were on like frame 5, and had over or close to 100, haha. They are soo good.

      Okay, as far as pictures go, sorry I'm not as photogenic as Allison is! I didn't even think about pictures until last night lol. The puzzle of the plan of Salvation we use for  lessons, made by our wonderful landlord Brother Jones. And me showing all the food that we have! Oh, we also went to Zaxbys last P-Day, it made me soo happy :) I missed it so much. It just opened last Monday. Everyone else that went with us loved it!

      Okay, now writing in response to your email.
     It is crazy that it is March already! And only 22 more fast Sundays now! Time is going fast! Good job mom being fit!  The rec center that we were going to, we got a letter from the mission president saying we shouldn't go to public gyms. So we didn't go this week. However, then our ZL asked about it, and he said that this one we go to is fine, because no women really go to it, and there are no T.v's in it lol. I guess somewhere else in the mission they were having problems with those 2 things.
     I haven't gone to the temple yet out on the field, however that will change next week. We are going to go do baptisms for the dead, with one of our Recent Converts, for her family :) Super cool! And statistics show that recent converts who do baptisms for their family are 98% more likely to stay active. Super cool! I do miss that old film... lol. 
      I have gone on exchanges, I'm pretty sure I told you about that right? From what it sounds like here, the only reason you would do exchanges more than once a week, is if they don't like each other, so that could be the case. I hope not though! That is soo lame that the Sisters are being fed more than the Elders! It should be if you feed the sisters, you need to feed the elders sometime too!
     Nope, I don't think we'll have to buy bikes. All mine needs is a bolt, and Elder Berg's just needs a stopper for the brakes. I have not gone to restaurant and someone pay for me. From what I have heard, that is actually really rare. We have gone to the Gas Station to get some candy, and a member paid for it. That was really nice of him, felt kind of embarrassed, because it was like 3 bags of candy haha. Yeah, of course there are bad members. We have to constantly be telling less actives that. Most of the less actives are less active because people offended them. So we say, "The gospel is perfect, however, our church does consist of people, and people are far from perfect." As that is the truth.
     I believe that is all I can think of for this week. Glad to hear from you! Love ya tons!

Elder Wrathall 

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