Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I felt the spirit so strongly when testifying of Joseph Smith, I about cried

     Oh man... I am so glad that I am not in school. An extra 30 min?? That would be terrible! (Our school district has a lot of snow days to make up.) That is awesome that you are working out so much! Good job mom! We really only work out when somebody picks us up to go to the gym. There is a rec center that we get to go in for free, they have a racquetball court, but nobody will play with me :(

     We finally got some interesting weather, we had a hail storm in the beginning of the week, when we were tracting. It was super nice, because it didn't make us wet or anything because it just bounced off us. It was quite a lot. The rest of the weather here has been perfect temperature for walking, super comfortable, which is nice because more people are outside to contact. We are working on getting our bike up and going, but we need to find someone who will fix them :(. I want to ride a bike so badly. We have to set aside at least 30 min for walking to each place. At night however we do get pretty lucky to have splits drive us around.

     The members here have a ton of referrals, but most of them are less actives. We are teaching like 10 less active families/recent converts and about 4 investigators. The stake really needs to help us out with lessons. Also, in Utah, every stake has a pair of Senior companions who are supposed to be doing the same things as us, as far as proselyting goes. However, our senior companion didn't know that's what they were getting themselves into. They thought it was going to be like 8 hour week and not a full time thing. They are super nice, and it really isn't their fault, however it would be nice to get some help from them.

    We had a baptism on Saturday! It was super cool, Andrew (10 yr old) had his uncle baptize him. His Dad isn't a member. After the baptism, Elder Berg and I taught the Restoration to the crowd. I felt the spirit so strongly when testifying of Joseph Smith, I about cried. I'm glad I didn't. There were some members in there that would have given me a hard time haha! Andrew's Dad went to church for the first time to his confirmation. We later received a text that his dad really enjoyed church and is going next week! Sweet!!! That is a huge step. Hopefully we will be able to teach him and get him baptized too!

     Something that was strange that happened this week. We were walking down this street, some lady in her late 20's and all we know is that she is a less active, came running at us! She yelled at a distance, "Wait! I want to give you money!!" I was like, what the heck? She caught up to us and she gave us each $10 (We are never to decline gifts because it may offend them). We asked her why, and she said that she just likes what we do. We were able to set up a lesson with her. And that is the kind of persecution we get here in Utah. I feel so bad, missionaries in Russia are being put in gun point and being robbed and stuff, here we are people throwing money at us.

     We started helping a young couple renovate the house they just bought. It is in terrible condition. We were ripping out carpet and cabinets, replacing dry wall and stuff like that. We are going to be doing that about once a week for a while. It is pretty fun! Never done anything like it before. Love to serve as well.

Well that is about all I can think of. Sorry I don't take as many pictures as Allison. She is crazy, last week was like 25 pictures! I actually only took one pic this week. Thankfully for you, my companion is getting pretty good at remembering to take pictures. I hope you won't be too bored at home without Dad :(


Elder Wrathall 


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