Monday, February 3, 2014

Last Day in the MTC

Dallin heads out to his mission tomorrow bright and early at 5:00 in the morning.  No plane ride for him but at least he gets to ride the FrontRunner Train.

First, Can you thank grandma for me!!! She sent me delicious candy that I was craving soo much! The other elders in my District thank her too lol. And yeah, I got the suit on Tuesday... Finally.
That is awesome that you got snow in GA, we got snow here too, but it melted away really quickly, it hasn't been cold at all here.
My companion has been very distressed this week, he is in counseling right now, and it is being determined whether he will leave with us to the mission field tomorrow, stay another week here, or go home. The last option is very improbable. I have given a lot of people blessings, I gave my Branch President a blessing, President Caywood, for his knee that he busted, Elder Simback, my companion last night and on Tuesday for comfort, A blessing of Comfort for Brother Gallo our teacher. Each one has been super awesome. I love giving blessings, it is such an easy way to serve others.

On Tuesday, my companion and I hit a wall that told us that we aren't able to do this on our own, this mission is impossible without listening to the spirit and saying to the investigators what the Lord wants us to say. That made us grow soo much closer to Heavenly father. 

We taught a TRC (Training something Council) Who is an Investigator that could be real or just a member acting. We taught him four times, he had a hard time getting to pray because his mother died when he was 9, and his father left him shortly after that. And he Prayed to heavenly father at 9 and he didn't receive an answer. So he didn't want to pray, but on the Third lesson we finally were able to get him to pray. And on the Fourth Lesson, he wanted to get baptized It was soo awesome! I hope he was a real investigator.

Fast Sunday was awesome, I mean, it was difficult to fast that long, we had to fast until 4:30. But the dinner was awesome, Sirloin Steak (It was terrible for steak, but was soo good nevertheless) and Shrimp. They also had German chocolate cake and BYU Creamery Ice Cream. Best Dinner Ever! I got Graham Cracker something ice cream that was like my favorite ice cream ever.

So when we get to the field we only have $94 a month, not $120. But I think I will still be fine.

Our Zone all loves "Come Thou Fount Every Blessing" Our District sang it as a special musical number in sacrament Yesterday. Super cool.
We also sang "As Sister's in Zion" and whatever the song is that elder's sing at the same time last night as a whole MTC, that was super cool too!

So much to talk about, but I'm gonna send pics now, the one with the flag, thta teacher is Brother Gallo, who is super awesome. The man with the Glasses and Beard is Nick, who Brother Gallo impersonated for our role playing with an investigator, he has been a member for two years now thanks to Brother Gallo on his mission. We got a picture with him because we practically baptized him as well :P lol
Also, I drew the district on our Whiteboard
Elder Wrathall
Ah so proud of the artist Dallin has become! He drove his whole district.


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