Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ups and downs of life in the mission field

     The Weather here has been ridiculous!! It has gotten up to 60 and 60 in Utah is pretty warm. I really dislike how I always have to be wearing a suit coat because I was sweating when we were walking down the street. I am soo jealous of Georgia and New York. I want there to be tons of snow and it to be cold! I hate being hot! (I’m going to die in the summer lol)

     My companion is really similar to me. We have a similar sense of humor. We love Lord of the Rings. Have I told you he looks like Frodo? We played some Risk last night. He strives for Obedience, as do I, so it makes it a lot easier to be obedient when both of us want to. He has been out for 19 months, from California, but spent most of his life moving around in the mid-west. He spends a lot of money on shoes... lol. All in all, he is a super cool guy, couldn't have asked for a better Dad.(What they call the person that trains them)

     We are over an entire Stake. 7 Wards. It is so hard to keep track of which ward is which. The weird thing is that on Sundays, in the Sacrament meeting, the Chapel is not nearly full. I'm pretty sure we could combine wards into each other and only have like 4. Having only 4 would be soo much nicer. Sundays are super crazy. In order to help our investigators and help them get acquainted, we go on splits, and I am on my own at a different church building (well I have a member with me, but he is just there to say that I am not alone really). It is pretty dang stressful. I am definitely not comfortable with the order of things as of right now. And I have to be constantly doing something, like I was supposed to check for 7 different investigators, less actives, or recent converts. Last Sunday only 1 of the 7 came. Makes me mad and disappointed. 

     Sorry, I did terrible with pictures. I have a few I can send you. I meant to take more of our living quarters. I forgot to!! But there is where we study there is desk behind me. It is hard to think of what to take pictures of. Most of it is boring. We make jokes of taking pictures of some weird stuff. Like we found a stuffed animal in the middle of the road, and we were like, "That is different! Take a picture of it with me!!" lol. We have to have splits every night so we can have a car and make it to all of our appointments because we have a ton at night. One night our split got a flat tire, so we had to change it. Luckily our appointment cancelled on us, so we didn't have to cancel on them. The picture with the family is the smith's, the oldest one is Andrew, and this Saturday we have a baptism for him. They are a super sweet family, mom is less active, but we are pretty sure we got her back to being active and she will endure to the end :)

     On a split I was teaching the Loyds family. My split was playing on his phone, and he answered a phone call in the middle of our lesson. So as I was trying to teach the gospel, this guy sitting right next to me was chatting with his friend. But anyways, this was the first time teaching the Loyds in a while since they have been so busy, first time for me. And I was recapping to see all that I knew. When we teach kids we teach with a lot of analogies and visuals to make it easier and more fun for them. But I would ask them, "Who is Joseph Smith?" Hunter Loyd would start going off, "OH OH! That's when you have a glass table and if you take out one of the legs it crashes!" I was just thinking to myself, what? lol. Also when I asked them what the gospel of Jesus Christ was, I held up my hand because there are 5 points to it, but repentance also has 5 points to it, so Ty Loyd started exclaiming, "OH! OH! I know! That's when you push someone down the stairs!" lol. I couldn't stop laughing, it was too difficult. But by the end of the lesson I had everything straightened out.

     So we did some tracking during the afternoon, which almost nobody is ever home however. We did find a street that almost everyone was at home on. It was really weird. Also we call it the goldmine street now because most of them are non-members. However, we didn't get any solid contacts. One lady left our church because it wasn't fun, and now goes to a different Christian church. We met an Atheist who says he believes that he has a had spiritual experiences (WHAT???), a woman who loves the Mormon church and her daughters are married in the temple, and she has taken Missionary discussions before, but didn't get baptized for some reason. We asked if we could come back, but she said she was hardly ever home, so we are going to try and just keep coming back. 

    Well that is all that I can think of, well I hope you are having lots of fun! It does sound like it from New York! Talk to ya next week!



Elder Wrathall


Oh, and the first one is all the people who came from the MTC with us to Ogden


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