Tuesday, February 11, 2014

First week out in the field

      Yeah, and because of the Members sending you pictures, I wasn't really concerned about taking pictures, so sorry I don’t have any for you. If I remember to, I will take pictures of where we live. We live with some Members, Brother Jones and Mama Jones. (She has us call her that, or Grandma lol) They are super nice! Mama Jones has a list on the fridge that we can put anything on and she will buy it for us. I have put Popcorn Chicken on it, and Ice Cream. 

     The first morning that I had out in Ogden we slept in the Mission home. Our Mission President and wife made us a super nice breakfast, bread pudding kind of thing with blueberries, crepes, pancakes, eggs, ect. They made us dinner as well the night before and it was like Thanksgiving. The Dessert was Pazookie's, yummy warm cookie with Ice cream on top.

     Roy is awesome! Lots of really nice members, but a lot of in-active ones as well. Roy is also a commuter city, so 1-5pm almost nobody is home. So we have a pretty hard time filling in what to do at that time. We have mostly been doing tracting, but really not much success. We teach a lot more kids than I thought we would. Most of our investigators are 9 year old kids. Which is fine, but it really doesn't feel as good as teaching someone who is older and can actually comprehend more. Also the kids are so susceptible to everything. They don't really ask any questions or anything like that either. We had a challenge to invite someone to baptism on the first 3 days of our mission. I did it the first night with Tim, who is 10 years old. He said, "Sure", so it didn't feel all that special.

     But yeah! I did meet Dwayne Williams! I didn't meet Virginia Williams, but he came up to me and said, "Wrathall eh? Where you from?" "Georgia" "Oh, must be a different Wrathall than from California" "OH!? How long ago??" "About 20 years" "That's my parents!! Kent and Phyllis!” I was pretty excited nevertheless lol.

     Yeah, they encourage us to be on Facebook an hour a day, and only do things that are mission related. We can teach non-members back at home and stuff. Yeah, you shouldn't post anything on my wall, you can still post on your wall, and tag me in it. I'm pretty sure that it won't show up on my wall now because of the settings I have on it now. I had to hide everything that was ever on my FB page. It took me 4.5 hours to hide everything.

     I do have an IPad (IPad mini), it is sooo nice! To have all our records and everything on it is definitely a blessing to have. We can only use the internet at church buildings, and we only use it to sync my companions and I's area book app. We can also download church videos, (Which I watch while eating meals), (We can also watch Prince of Egypt!! :) lol)) 

     We are technically in a biking area, however, we don't bike because of the winter. It has snowed once since I’ve been here and it melted super quickly and has rained a lot. It’s been about 40 degrees during the day. Our area used to have a car, but a previous missionary was being dumb and was doing donuts in the church parking lot and crashed into a tree and totaled the car. So now we don't have one.

We are getting fed a ton! I feel like it is my birthday every day! We did have one dinner appointment fall through, however, Elder Berg, my companion assured me that, that rarely happens. He has been out for 1.5 years and it has only happened to him once before. We were pretty close to home, so we just walked over and made something. We have been getting tons of food though. Last night we had someone come by our house and give us Bubble bread, the caramel kind. Also a member gave us all the leftovers for our big breakfast dinner we had last night. We have also had 2 pizzas given to us. Sister Warren has given us doughnuts one morning, and Burger King at noon one time (That day we had two lunches). So I think we are getting fed pretty well. The first two mornings I made German Pancakes and French toast supreme.

The train ride up wasn't that great. The FrontRunner was soo hyped up I thought it was going to be like in the Hunger Games or something! lol, also, my Companion Elder Simbeck missed the train and had to get on the next one. He was stranded with a sister missionary lol. When we got up the ramp, the train attendant was telling us run, the train had already started to move, and she grabbed my luggage and threw it on. In all that chaos I wasn't really thinking where my companion was.... lol. But I had a lot of other missionaries with me lol. 

     I was pretty exhausted that day, having to get up at 4:00, but it wasn't too bad. 

     Once a week our zone is going to get together and play Speed ball (Basketball and Soccer combined). It is super fun. Most mornings we go to a rec center at 5:50, they let missionaries in for free and we work out there. Play basketball, and go to the weight room.

Funny story about Georgia snowing. A member here wanting to get away from the snow, moved to Georgia two weeks ago, and when it snowed there, he decided he would just come back lol.

I really want like 4 ft. of snow to come!! I'm sick of this sunny warm weather! This is UTAH!!! 

Well, there is so much more that I could share with you, but I feel like I have written a ton already, just know that I am super happy, and my testimony has strengthened a lot. I didn't really share much spiritual things this e-mail, I’ll try to do better next week.

Well I love you!



Elder Wrathall


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