Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I had a strong prompting to invite her to be baptized. I was like what??

I am super excited for my birthday package! I haven't opened Allison's, but it does feel like some yummy German food, so I am pretty excited. As of recently I have been eating sooo much though!!! Last night my stomach hurt from eating so much, and when I woke up I was still full. People have just been giving us such good food!
Still haven't got the shirts...
On to the week!
  Tuesday: We did a lot of Guillotine playing! Then our lessons cancelled.. Sad :( 

  Wednesday: At District Meeting, we (our district) won a competition for most invitations for baptism. Even though Simpson and I invited nobody this week, I felt pretty guilty. The prizes were "Apartment Treasures", So I got a never worn Batman Shirt. Not too shabby lol. In our district, the District Leader started a new competition on TTI's (Teach Testify & Invite) whoever gets the most as a companionship, he will take out for lunch. So that got Simpson and I pumped because we like food, especially free food. That Afternoon we got 12 TTI's when the Standard of Excellency is 3. Haha getting work done!!

Thursday: Today was a sick day, we did service laying down sod all morning, 9-12, it was some heavy work, but it was fun. It was a little more than a quarter acre of land in a park. We then did exchanges. I went with Elder Child in his area, he has been out 1 less transfer than me. The goal was to get 11 TTI's in his area, because we had no lessons planned. We only got 7 TTI's in the area, however, we did meet someone on the street, set up a lesson the same day, went there, taught the restoration. I had a strong prompting to invite her to be baptized. I was like what?? We have only been talking like 30 min! But I did as the spirit told me to, and she said, that is something she really needs right now. Sweet!! So we set up the date for her to be baptized, on the first visit! Super sick! Unfortunately, it's not in my area, so I don't get to baptize her :( I do feel good getting a date for Elder Child though :)

Friday: We were teaching the Plan of Salvation to Will Knight, and we were on Adam and Eve, Simpson said, "They ate the flippin fruit!" We all had a good laugh about that, the fruit was flipping all over the place. Simpson's bike got destroyed, the gear shifter got caught in the spokes when we were going pretty fast and it broke the shifter and several spokes. More bike problems... Yay

Saturday: We had a lot of people not answer their doors, as always on Saturdays. However, when riding our bikes, a member waved us down, because her mom just fell and broke her leg! And the men in the house didn't have consecrated oil on them, so by us being there, they were able to give her a blessing :) That brightened my day a lot. Some days we get some pretty bad numbers, however, we still help people and that's what we are out here to do. Makes me love my job!

Sunday: Mothers Day!!! Loved talking to you mom! Every member that we came into contact with was like, "Have you called your mom yet????!!" We had a lot of investigators come to church! 5 Investigators went to church! That's everyone except one! Like, sick!! And we ended up with 30 TTI's for the week. Don't know if have won yet. Probably, because we are good like that!

Monday: We had interviews with President, and I spoke to him about getting driving privileges, and he said it was a no go, but that's alright though. Makes total sense. We had to go on splits during the evening, but man! I was in surprise when we met up at the end of the night and Simpson told me that he picked up a new baptismal date!! Sick! So now we have 4 with baptismal date.

I am absolutely loving Elder Simpson, he was sad that he didn't say "Hi" over skype, I got to say Hi to his family. His family is crazy, not sure if I have told you this, but he comes from a family of 11 kids. He is second to youngest. So he had lots of nieces and Nephews running around lol

Elder Wrathall


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