Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dallin's 19th birthday Post

I got your package! And the shirts, however, that package showed up on the other corner of the block, thank goodness everyone here is Mormon... lol. I loved the package! However, with the keyboard for my iPad mini, the space bar doesn't work :( Where did you buy it at? I wonder if I could exchange it. Are you trying to tell me that I don't eat very healthy? With sending me fruit? lol I do like the fruit strips a lot! lol. I like the shirts a lot, I was kind of scared that they weren't going to be good, coming from missionary mall, but $22 each, they better be good! and they are, even though they are super long. But it isn't annoying.

That Turtle Roll cake is soo good. That is something I miss out here, nobody's recipe's seem to taste as good as your's. Especially when it comes to desserts, the desserts out here are decent, we will see how this German chocolate cake turns out tonight. haha. I will be hanging out with the Bells from 1 to 6pm lol, we are going to play lots of board games! haha

How could you not get a slice of cheesecake at the cheesecake factory! Being out here though, I do love cheesecake now. Sometime this week we are supposed to get a drop off of Snickers Carmel Cheesecake from a member lol.

That is so cool about the German, sounds like you are getting to know your stuff! Good job in reading the BOM too!

On to the week!

     Tuesday: 'Twas a busy P-day, we hanged out with Elder Weidner. We also had Zone Sports, Speedball :) Then of course! Played some board games back at our place! We had our Zone Leader come into our area for the night to see how we are doing, It was pretty nice to have a car in our area, lol, we got so much more work done haha.
    Wednesday: We were on splits, I went to the Knight's family for a lesson, and Simpson went to Tom's for a lesson. After my lesson, I knew that Simpson would still be at Tom's so I walked in and everyone was crying and all emotional and stuff, I was just like, "What is happening..." Lol, but later I talked to Simpson about it, and he said that was the best lesson that he has ever been to. Lame that I wasn't able to go, Tom apparently bore his testimony and everything! super Sick! That man is truly converted.
     Friday: Super good day, first, we had the Zone Leaders call us in the morning, and told us that some people moved in our area, that have been working with the missionaries and want to be baptized on the 7th of June! :) So we will be working with them. We had a lesson with Tom Greenwood, and after nearly two years of missionaries working with him, he said that he wants to be baptized on the 14th of June! That is big news!! 15 has always been his favorite number, so at first he said the next month where there is a Saturday or Sunday on the 15th I will be baptized, and we found January 15th, we weren't that excited, because that was so far away. Then we realized, oh man, next month there is a Sunday on the 15th! Definitely not a coincidence. Tom realized that too. The unfortunate thing about that date, is that is after transfers, and one of us will most likely be transferred by then :(
We also had interview for Will to be baptized, he passed! We ended the day by getting milkshakes with the Greenwoods.
    Saturday: We played kickball as a zone in the morning, followed by breakfast, then we did a lot of service together in a park. We spread rubber shreds mixed with sand around in a playground. Then a group of us went and painted the restrooms. There wasn't much air circulating in the bathroom, so we all got light headed and high, we just found everything funny. We are bad missionaries getting high off of paint! Lol :P After service, we had lunch... Hot dogs, still haven't adjusted to liking those... But then we played beach volleyball! Oh man how I love beach volleyball. Probably my favorite sport we have played so far.
 After having soo much fun, we had more fun by prepping the baptism. The font takes an hour a half to fill up. The baptism was so good, despite the lack of communication about when Elder Simpson and I share the first vision. It was pretty dang strong with the spirit! Super cool!
We had a lesson with a potential Investigator, to me he seems pretty golden, he really likes the people in our church, and wants to know why they are all so nice to him. He is really into studying the scriptures too, so he is going to read the Book of. Mormon, that right there will convert him alone haha.
     Sunday: Well we learned that there is another person in the house that the Zone leaders gave us that want to be baptized, so we got another investigator with a date. That makes us up to 8 investigators with a date to be baptized. We had a lot of meetings, we did a conformation of Will, and there was like 20 people in that conformation circle. Not really supposed to have big groups like that, but it was super cool. We missed the stake correlation... Again, we are so bad at that, we need to be reminded of stuff too!! Lol nobody ever talks about it!
  Monday: Probably the worst day of my Mission thus far. All three lessons went through, one of our investigators with a date dropped us, saying he wasn't interested anymore... What!? You're not interested in eternal happiness!? Okay. We had no TTIs, we tried, but for some reason we couldn't get one. Our Dinner fell through. Bike tube popped, service project fell through. We had the best week ever, then the worst day ever haha. But that's alright, tribulation just means that there are blessings around the corner, well... Only when you’re righteous, but I would say we are doing alright, I mean there is always room for improvement, but we are working on it! That's all The Lord asks.


Well, hope you have a good week! Love ya!


Elder Wrathall

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