Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Transfer News!!!!:

Elder Wrathall with President Hiers and Sister Hiers.

Transfer News!!!!: Elder Bayles is staying here in Nibley for another Transfer. I have been released as a Zone Leader, and will be transferred out to Logan Central with Elder Rangel (Elder Bayles
previous comapnion) & Elder Chaing.... Mandarin Speaking. Yep. I will be in a Chinese Branch.

Wednesday: I don't remember what happened on this day....

Thursday: Went on exchanges with Elder Hack (From Clarksville GA.) I love this Elder so much, we had a blast. He has been struggling really hard with the companion he has now, because he doesn't
want to work at all. Elder Hack told me that this day was the best day that he has had in 3 weeks time. I feel bad for him. I really hope before my mission is over that we can be companions at some point.

Friday: We had a super good DLT, and was able to fix some of the problems in the Zone.  We were
also able to find some potential investigators while knocking doors, always a good thing!

Saturday: We helped out those "Build your own house" people by laying sod, then we did weekly planning, that is when we got a call from the  Assistants to the President gave us a call, Elder Bayles answered it thinking he was going to get released for sure, but sure enough, they said, "Can I speak to your companion." At that point, I knew I was done for. Haha. They assured me I did nothing wrong as a Zone Leader, and I was meant to be in a new area at this time. Gave me an honorable release. Nevertheless, I am sooo anxious to know where I am going to be, I couldn't sleep till 1:00am.

Sunday: I thought for sure this was going to be the longest day in history because I was still anxious to know what is happening for transfers, but it still went by really quick, saying goodbye to a lot of
the friends I have made here. We visited Jim, and he is now solid for the 11th of July to be baptized. I really hope I am in this mission still to be able to go to his baptism. The mission is splitting July 1st

Monday: Finally, the day where I find out where I go!! I swear, this MLT was the longest MLT, because we find out at the ver end. I learned a lot of things that I could improve on if I was staying Zone Leader. So When I learned that I was going to be in Logan Central, with Elder Rangel and Chiang, I was super excited. I didn't even think about how that area has a Chinese Branch. Then, I got nervous. President called, told me that he and The Lord, trusted in me to take this up, and to blow it out of the water. No stress or anything....

Dang, well we are going to be in the 100s here.... So yeah... Haha. Though dry heat isn't as hot. We didn't do anything different on Father's Day. Most of the wards didn't give Fathers anything, but one gave out a ton of Hershey's candy, like almond joys and Reese's. Thanks for the email! Wish me luck!
Love Elder Wrathall


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