Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's a better day in the Utah Logan Mission!!!

It's a better day in the Utah Logan Mission!!!

 It's official!! This is the Utah Logan Mission! With the mission president of President Allred!

My New Comps Elder Chaing: Been out 3 months, actually trained his first transfer by Elder Rangel, this is the 2nd time being with him. He is from Hong Kong. He is 25 years old. Graduated from college in Conclusionist Science... or something like that. Elder Rangel, From Visalia CA, been out 21 months. He was a grape farmer before the mission. Really fun goofy guy.

Wednesday: It was sad saying goodbye to Elder Bayles, at the same time, I was really excited, I
learned about my area. We cover two stakes. Logan East and Logan Central (Which includes an ASL branch, and a Mandarin Branch). I learned that this area hasn't baptized in two transfers and has only one current investigators. Which to me, just tells me that it just hasn't been worked hard. I was also
nervous, because President Hiers told me that I need to learn Mandarin. At the end ofthe day, we had a new investigator, Todd, who is in his 40's the rest of his family is baptized, and learned that President was joking about learning the language all along.. Pheww!

Thursday: Day 2 in Logan, we met with Susie, she was brought to our attention because her fiance (a RM) texted us and said that he has been working with her, and he feels that she has been prepared, and boy she was! She answered all the baptismal interview questions, she told us she had a voice from the heavens tell her that the Book of Mormon is true, and that she needs to be baptized. She is also a Protestant Minister on top of that, she has taught a few congregations, and received a full ride for divinity in college. Pretty cool investigator.

Friday: We met our 1 other investigator, who is actually waiting on first presidency approval for permission to be baptized. When we saw him he had a big black eye, we asked him about it, and he
said, "Yeah, I was in a fight." We were like, "What....??" Hahaha, turns out he is a MMA fighter. He is 35 years old, and beating up other people. He has been waiting for approval for 3 weeks, hopefully it comes in soon, he is such a wonderful man.

Saturday: In the morning we went to the funeral of a missionary that served in this mission, Elder Wyatt, he died of Muscle Dystrophy (Probably not correct spelling). He served in this mission only a
year and a half ago. He passed away at age 22. :( We worked hard in order to try an meet a lot of bishops and Wml's this day, most of them are usually home on Saturdays, we were able to visit
3 Bishops, an 4 Ward Mission Leaders.

Sunday: Welcome to the day of rest... Yeah right!! Haha, we got up at 5:40 to get to a meeting at 6:30 :(. By the time we got done with meetings at 5:00, I was dead tired, thank goodness for dinner
appointments with members, that gave me the fuel I needed. We have been trying super hard to visit a ton of these names in the areabook but of course, they are never home!!

Monday: I'm not used to working in the mornings, usually I am planning out meetings or in meetings, so it was weird for me to be going out at 10am, and honestly, I was skeptical,  most areas are hard to work at that time. However, God proved me wrong, he lead us to a lady who was smoking outside her apartments. She met with missionaries about a year ago, she wants to get baptized, but last time
couldn't give up smoking, but she told us she was ready to quit, so we invite her for the 25th of July to be baptized. She has has a rough life recently, she was mugged the night before, her utilities aren't working in her apartment, and she was ran over by a truck a month ago, and has a broken ankle.

I love the trio, each companion is perfect to make the trio work!  I've learned a tiny bit of Mandarin, but not even enough to do anything with. Our address is 654 E, 400 N, #1 Logan, Utah 84341. President Hiers is gone :(  I don't know the new Mission Address, but it has changed.
Thanks for the email!
Elder Wrathall

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