Sunday, June 14, 2015

So I am learning to forgive my companion.... Haha

Yep, thats a goat. It actually likes to be held....
Wednesday: We had actually a lot of time to do proselyting in our area for a change, and it was wonderful! Yes of course we had rejections and of course people weren't home, but we did set up appts with potential investigators, and what can be better than that!!

Thursday: In the morning, during personal study we got a call from the APs, they told us to, "Get in the car now! And call us when you are on the road." So of course, we are like, "What is
happening?" They basically told us that they forgot that they needed to be in Avon to teach a high adventure group in Avon, so they needed us to get there as soon as possible, it started in 18 minutes. We got there 40 minutes late, but it sure was an adventure. Thank goodness we have a truck is
all I have got to say. Haha
Avon is so beautiful!

Friday: Did service building a roof, and then proselyted! Good day. Haha

Saturday: We had Stake Conference this weekend, we went to the leadership and the Adult Session this day, they mainly focused on how councils are important, such as ward councils, or family councils. We had Elder Duram and Elder Cardon from the 70 with us, Elder Duram, this was his
first assignment as a 70! He is a super friendly man :) Got to shake both of their hands which was cool!

Sunday: We had a meeting with Jim, who is our investigator working for this next Saturday to be Baptized. The lesson went wonderful, super spiritual, then, out of nowhere, Elder Bayles says, "We are going to reset your date, if you came to know that this is true by the 4th OF JULY, would you be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?" What the??? He was on track to this weekend, all he needed was an interview, but Elder Bayles pushed him back a month! I talked with him afterwards, and he thought that his baptismal date had already past. He didn't mean to also put him a month back. So the next day, we went by and Elder Bayles tried to fix it, but Jim likes the 4th now better, because his family will be in. So I am learning to forgive my companion.... Haha

Monday: We had interviews with President Hiers starting at 8:00am. Interviews w/ President are
so different when you are a Zone Leader. One, because you have to give a 2 hour training, second, that is where they ask you for transfer suggestions (They even asked me if Elder Bayles should leave) of course, they pray about them before they finalize it, and third, President tells you a lot more things that are happening in the mission then when you are not a Zone Leader. So it was cool, learned a ton, and had a new experience. For an activity that we did in our training, we had them push their cars to"Checkpoints" to get to the Law of Consecration. Elder Bayles and I, and the APs, played the part of Satan's angles, so we tried to stop them, we would push them backwards, or pull the E-brakes, haha. Super fun.

Thanks for the email!
Love you!!
Elder Wrathall
The shoes are getting good use.
                                                        Trying to pogo at a WML

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