Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Perfect!! You should pray about it!"

Wednesday: Met a YSA guy who came early from his mission because of health reasons. He was getting out of the habit of doing things such as reading praying and going to church, we invited him to go back to the temple, hopefully we will be able to go with him to that! He was such a cool guy, really humble and repentant.

Thursday: Went on exchanges with Elder Ogden, he is such a good missionary! I was super impressed at how well he talks to other people. He teaches super simply, and it is perfect for them to
understand.  Another strong testimony to me, that just because you are in leadership definitely does
not make you better in any shape or form :)

Friday: New investigator!! We met with a YSA, her name is Anna, she has met with missionaries quite a few times. She is Catholic, and has strong roots in it, but she has been coming to
church here for a few times. She told us off the bat, "I'm not wanting to convert..." However, as the lesson continued, she was definitely soul searching and we could tell she wants to. She has a hard time with the Great Apostasy, obviously. It was really cool though, as soon as we got done
talking about it, she said, "Ohhh.... I'm going to have to do some praying..." We exclaimed in unison, "Perfect!! You should pray about it!"

Saturday: We went to our service location in the morning, in our stake they have this area where people can build their own houses, and of course, it is a lot cheaper, so they always need help there. We just helped them do landscaping to get ready for laying down sod, but using the rake for 2
hours was a good work out! We found another new investigator today! His name is William, he lives in a family, where the parents were offended a long time ago, and they haven't come back since. They are wanting to get back active and have their son baptized though :)

Sunday: We went to 4 different Sacrament Meetings, though it was a mix up today, we went to a normal, then a testimony, then a normal, then another testimony one. So it switched it up, because last week was Stake Conference for the Nibley Stake, but not for Providence YSA Stake. Afterwards we ate at the Christensens, because we didn't have a dinner scheduled. Then at night we had a missionary musical fireside, which was super spiritual! Finished the day off with meeting with
Indiana, he denied knowing that these things are true, even when he has admitted that the spirit
has testified to him that they are true :(

Monday: Lots of Monday morning planning, we did an FHA with the Zone, we played the "Name Game" WHere everyone comes up with a name, writes it on a paper, it is read out once, then everyone tries to guess who is who. Super fun. Finally met with Jim again, he has been super
stressed out because of his work, and because of that, he hasn't been reading, praying, and even didn't come to church on Sunday! :( Super sad. We didn't have a dinner again, so we went to the Christensens again. Haha

Elder Wrathall

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