Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It was a spiritual powerhouse!

So, I'm not going to do my normal format, because I don't want to take that much time on emailing this week. Sorry.... Haha Highlights of the week though. We went to MLC, president Hiers last one:( It was a spiritual powerhouse! Received a ton of revelation on how to be a more consecrated missionary!)

We met with our investigator Jim who is working towards the 13th of June to be baptized, we learned, that he has an addiction to smoking, His father  in law, (The Stake President) joined us, which was super inspired, because he gave a blessing to him for him to stop smoking. He has the faith, and he really wants to quit! I know he can do it!!
We met with Indiana too! He has been more frustrating lately actually. Every single lesson that we have with him, it is super powerful. The spirit is there so strong. He keeps about half of his commitments, but when he does he feels the spirit. Yet, because he communicates with his anti Dad about the gospel, every time we meet, it is like starting over again. He brings up the same concerns, and refuses to, realize that this is right, he has had many witnesses of the spirit.
Another investigator, Jericho, we have been struggling to meet with. He doesn't have a phone, so we set up a time, and always, at that time, he isn't home. Maybe he has good excuses, but we wouldn't know because he doesn't have a phone to tell us. How does anyone survive without a phone these days.

Elder Bayles and I are getting along super well still! Can kind of tell he is getting a bit trunky, he only has 3 months left. He is trying hard not to be though!
Allergies are kinda kicking in, just itchy eyes. Not too bad though. Just annoying.

I think these guys like to hike!

Hope all is well with everyone!
Love ya'll!!!
I forgot to write about the baptisms! Coltan and Isabelle both got baptized, spirit was super strong in both of
their baptisms!!

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