Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Missionary work is hard to get done on a holiday

Some of the birthday presents he received.

Wednesday: MY BIRTHDAY!! I recieved all the packages on my birthday. Thanks so much for everyone that contributed! We had the regular district meeting, it was super good. I almost got out of there without them all singing happy birthday to me. It was a failure though. Elder Bayles at the end, got everyone to do it. Dang it Bayles!! Haha. For lunch, we went to Elements, nothing better than a free lunch! (I know... There is no such thing as a free lunch in economics," Elder Bayles pointed out to the waiter, that it was my birthday, so I got free dessert as well. Some turtle cake thing. Yummm! As far as the rest of the day goes, it was quite the struggle when it came to missionary work. Almost all of our appointments fell through, and nobody answered their doors. :(

Thursday: One of my goals for the week was to have a really fun DLT, and thus, it was
accomplished! We had one volunteer blindfolded as we had one holy ghost and all the rest, Satan's angles, trying to mess him up. It was super fun. Representing what it is like for a convert after baptism, trying to get to the temple, without any help. Then we did a different maze. with the help of members, and missionaries. Still was  challenging, but easier.

Friday: We had the opportunity to help one of our Ward Mission Leader's lay sod. It was super cool
to see how loving that neighborhood was, everyone came and flocked to help! A miracle also
happened. It has been storming everyday here for like 3 weeks. This time, the storm went completely around us as we were laying sod. As soon as we were completed, it started to rain. If that isn't a testimony that God has power in all things, I don't know what else!

Saturday: We tried really hard to work, but being Memorial Day weekend, nobody was home. We literally knocked on 25 doors in a row, and none of them answered, members, non-members,
and less actives all alike. But we remained steadfast. Well up until 8:00, then the Christensen Family put on a Birthday Party for us. They gave us each a cake!

Sunday: Dang! The struggle of staying awake!! There were many times, while even in the middle of singing a hymn, I fell asleep while singing. That is how tired I am... However, we did keep pretty busy afterwards, had lesson keep us busy, and awake. Isabelle is still looking good for Saturday :)

Monday: Memorial Day!! Man it was a slow day. We had 2 lessons! Which were really good, however, the rest of the time was a struggle.  We haven't been able to find any new investigators, or even potential investigators since last Monday. But we are doing well. We have 5 on date. So no complaining for us!!

Thanks Ya'll!!
Love you!
Elder Wrathall

He went hiking this morning. This is the time lapse video he took.

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