Monday, July 6, 2015

Meeting the new Mission President

Sorry tricking people by having P-day today rather than tomorrow. Tomorrow we have interviews with President Allred, so we changed it today, just for this week.

Wednesday: This was a super good day, we had District Meeting about daily contact, which was what I suggested to Elder Norris that he should train on, because I am terrible at it. Then after DM, we had lunch at Arctic Circle with our Senior Couple's then went to go meet President Allred, He is a
super loving guy, he has a big family, he is from Washington, but he was born here in Logan, he told us the story of getting his call, it was really cool to hear.

Thursday: Met with Susie (Protestant Minister Investigator)!! She has stopped drinking coffee! She is struggling with her family not supporting her getting married, they said they wouldn't come because
their marriage was going to be done by a "Mormon Bishop". So they decided they are just going to
get married in two weeks and just go to the court house and do nothing special. (Sounds like my kind of wedding!! Well except going to the temple instead of course ;) )

Friday: We met with Ericka, she is not in such a good situation, she needs to stop drinking coffee and alcohol and stop smoking. She seems sincere, but at the same time, she is confused because another church is teaching her doctrine against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She wants welfare as well. So not going too good.... We tried to use the bus system today, because we learned that it is free. Turns out it was closed for independence day :(

Saturday: Happy 4th of July!!!  We worked hard as always, we met this super nice guy, sadly he is super busy, so we could only schedule for next Saturday, but he has high potential, he said missionaries have come before, and he told the missionaries he wanted to learn more, and they never
came back. Yep.... Our dinner fell through once again (3rd time this week) and we have been asking our senior couples to feed us, but we didn't want to ask again, so I asked Sister Christensen!!! She
happily obliged, it was good to see them again. During that dinner Elder Rangel and I switched tags to see if Bro. Christensen would notice, because Bayles and him did it when they were together in
Nibley and he didn't notice. We played as each other too. Sure enough he didn't notice, even though I was cracking up. After dinner we played volleyball and watched the best 2 years as a Zone.

Sunday: Fasting!! We went to this one ward and it was 100% about missionary work the whole 3 hour block. Everyone bore testimonies about missionary work, they extended sacrament meeting 15
minutes and had specific people bear their testimonies about missionary work. Then they had all the adults in the chapel, we told them our schedule and how we prepare for lessons. (To get more trust from them) then we did the same to primary, each for 15 minutes. It went beautifully because
afterwards, they had other people talk about how to get people to meet with us.

It has cooled down this week thank goodness :)

Sounds like you had an awesome week! 
Yeah, we have had dinners fall through like crazy here.
Thanks for the email!
Love you!
Elder Wrathall  

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