Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Transfer News!!!!

What we left on a packet of cigarettes we found on a door contact who didn't answer.

Transfer News!!!! Yep, it's transfer time, even though it has been just 3 weeks. Now the transfers will be from this 6 week period. So I have been called to train, and I will be training at USU!!! I will
cover 2 of the 8 stakes that are on campus. However, my son doesn't come until another month, and I think he doesn't speak English...

Tuesday: We had interviews with President Allred, and I learned that he is such a nice  man!! That was the best interview that I have had, it totally seems like he cares, and he wanted to get to know
us individually. It was weird not to be having P-day on this day though.

Wednesday: So I went on splits with this High Priest who has brain damage, that was pretty interesting. He is such a nice guy, but you can tell he isn't all there. At a door contact he was speaking with this guy telling him that if he came to church and was baptized he would receive money from the church. Thankfully it turned out to be a return missionary, so he understood what was happening. Later, I taught a man from South Korea, he was a super nice guy. He told us that he is "Thinking about transferring his Christian beliefs to the LDS church." Haha, He doesn't speak English to well,
but enough to understand. He just doesn't understand the necessity to be baptized again, and doesn't understand priesthood, but that will be the topic for the next visit!

Thursday: A day full of finding!! We didn't have any teaching appointments, however we got in the homes of a few contacts and shared brief messages and got return appointments, overall, t'was a good

Friday: We had weekly planning, which for once I was super excited to plan because we have so much happening in the area. I also love my companions a ton, Elder Rangel and Chaing. This has probably been my favorite companionship, I love being in a trio. We have 3 Investigators on a baptismal date, we had 13 lessons with Investigators in a week, haven't had that many lessons in a while.

Saturday: We met with a potential named Sean. Throughout the whole lesson, he seemed so golden! Throughout he was saying, "Oh, that makes sense... Like I could easily believe that." And comments like that. So we invite him to be baptized, he agreed, and said yes. However, when we set the date he said, "Hmm.. I've never set a date for something like that... Ok, yeah." But continued, "But it sounds like you want to meet again, I can't really meet again, but this was really good, it recharged me, and made me learn of Christ. But we can't meet again." After 10 minutes of trying to convince him to meet with us, I finally just said, "Well, we will just come by early next week and talk with you again." He replied, "Okay, sure." Not sure if he is really all there... We went by on Monday, met with his parents, his parents are golden too!

Sunday: We were in the middle of an correlation with one of our Ward Mission Leaders, then Elder Rangel got a call, he went out of the room, shortly after, he came back and said, "Hey, President wants to talk to you." I said, "President who?" "Allred". He let me know that he took it up with The Lord and asked me to be a trainer, I readily accepted. At this point, I didn't know transfers were going to be this next week.

Monday: We had a tiny secret Mission Leadership Training, those are the pictures. We just had it at President Allred's home. It was really cool to just have that small of group, compared to the normal chapel completely filled with missionaries. There is a total of 6 trainers. Elder Aranda is going to be my new Zone Leader, who is a super good friend of mine! Excited about that! So the area that I'll cover is just about the same as I cover already, I just now cover the YSA, rather than the Family. So happy to stay in Logan.

Thanks! Love you! 
Elder Wrathall


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