Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Exciting News!

My Companion: Elder Nielsen is from St. Johns, Arizona. He has been out 13 months. He actually reminds me a lot of John, Kayla's Husband! :) He has the same kind of laugh, and humor. He is such a nice guy. He worked doing excavation before the mission. He is 19 years old.

Wednesday: First day in the new area. Elder Hawkins and Weston were kind enough to give us a tour, tell us where things are, and we are working with. The boundaries that we cover are super confusing to, so they helped us with that. We cover 3 YSA Stakes, 24 wards. A lot of the Student Apartments are actually where seniors live because it is summer, and they do a program where it is really cheap housing for seniors from Arizona. So the work is hard right now, because it is summer.

Thursday: We had Zone Conference, and had some really big announcements there. For one, we can go to the temple every 3 months now! Another big one, is because of the way transfers are, we either
have to go home 3 weeks early, or extend 3 weeks more. So, if we don't say anything about extending, we will just be sent 3 weeks early. For me that would be December 28th, or if I extend, that would mean February 8th. So I have some praying to do. After Zone Conference, we just tracted a lot of the apartments that we cover. Got one return appointment :) Yay... haha

Friday:Tracting all day. Ran into a lot of RMs... Haha

Saturday: So much tracting..... I think I have done more tracting this week than my whole mission. We did have an interesting lesson. They are from the Church of Elias. We got a return appt by asking them if we can learn more. Turns out they are a branch off of the LDS church. They believe everything we do but have a few weird things mixed in. (Like when they pray they raise their hands above their heads and say, "Oh Abba" ) And their Dad is their Prophet. We have a tough case on
our hands.

Sunday: We met with 6 bishops, 2 Stake Presidents, and 2 High Council members over missionary work. On top of 2 Sacrament Meetings. What is wonderful about YSA is linger longers!! However, we went to the wrong one I guess, all it was, was cold cereal. Still better than no food. President Job invited us for dinner, it was nice to have a dinner made for us again! :)

Monday: I remembered how it is working with Young Adults, we had three lessons cancel this day. On the bright side, we still had two lessons!! That's as much as we had last week all combined! And it is only Monday! I really want to get this area to be having 20 lessons week. 3rd Stake really wants us to get there too. I love 3rd Stake. We did a lot of tracting today, when tracting we run into a lot of RM's. It is fun to tell if people are RMs or not, and it is so easy. Let me tell you, a mission changes people completely!

I asked him if when the new missionary comes out in a month if they will be in a trio. Yeah, we will be in a trio, it sounds like for 2 weeks anyways.  The address of the Logan mission is 179 E, 800 N. Logan, UT. 84321.
Well I realized, if I choose not to extend, I only have 5 months left... Crazy!!!
Love you!
Elder Wrathall
Tour of the new apartment.


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