Tuesday, July 28, 2015

This week was a wonderful week!!

This week was a wonderful week!!

Wednesday: Since getting into this area, we have been trying to meet all the Ward Mission Leaders and Bishops. Which is not too hard to do when you cover a stake. Now take into the account that we cover 3 stakes.... 24 Wards. That gets pretty difficult to do. When waiting to meet with a Bishop, a man comes up, and I thought it might be the Bishop we are meeting with, so I say, "Are you Bishop Day?" he responded, "I'm Bishop Mortensen, you just met me Sunday..." The struggle.... There is no way I can remember all these names.

Thursday: We had a lesson with our investigator Zac, he is working towards the 8th of Aug to be baptized. However, he is struggling a little, he has concerns dealing with same-gender attraction. He
has been meeting with the missionaries for about 3 months now, and he is super smart. He is super shy though, however, he has been opening up. We talked about the Family Proclamation to the World, and also, "God Loveth his Children" Which came out the same year, and talks about how
to overcome same-gender attraction. The lesson went really well!

Friday: Pioneer day here in Utah, therefore of course, a parade in Utah wouldn't be complete without missionaries!! Haha, so we joined on in for the parade, we handed out pass-a-long cards and gave a lot of high-fives to the children. It was fun to cheer up those children. I know I don't like parades, however those kids do! During the Parade, Noelle, his cousin, when she saw the missionaries, she came running yelling for where I was. Honestly I was thinking, what a mad lady... Haha. It was
super funny. Afterwards we went to pizza-pie-café. A mom came up to us and asked us if we were in the parade, we ensured her that we were. She told us, "After the parade I asked my kids what was their favorite thing, they all said, 'The Missionaries!!'" I was thinking, "Dang, what a lame parade..." Haha

Saturday: Susie was baptized!! This was the girl that I was working with in my last area, it was good to be able to go :) We had a lesson with our investigator Luke, who is a born-again. This was the 3rd
lesson. He is super caught up in "Grace" He believes we don't need to do anything to use the atonement. He won't pray because he doesn't believe in praying to get answers. He was so aggressive, so we dropped him. Sadly, because there goes half our teaching pool.

Sunday: Sunday Miracle Day, at a correlation that we had with the Ward Mission Leaders in the 5th stake, one of the Ward Mission Leaders expressed how crazy it is how many missionaries have
switched out, then straightly asked us if we are going to be here a while, after telling him yes, he responded, "I have someone coming to church today, he is ready to be baptized, but just needs to stop smoking." Right he was. He wants to be baptized, his name is Erick! :) And of course we ate dinner with Noelle and Cory :)
His cousin Noelle and her family. They live in Logan.

Monday: We had a meeting with Erick, he is so cool, he has quite the past, but he desperately wants to fix it. We brought up the idea of soaking his cigs in milk, and he did get kind of sick just thinking
about it, but then agreed and on top of it to soak it in more than just milk. So might just soak it in hot sauce too.

 I decided that I want to extend, can you check to see if I need to re-apply if I defer more?

Not much is on Campus right now because it's summer, however, we do a ton of tracting still.
AS far as studies go, I've been mostly studying for lessons, because we have been having a lot of strange lessons, so I need to study that a ton. Like homosexualty, or The Church of Elias, how to study for someone who believes in all of our standard lessons. And quitting addiction.
Thanks for the email!! 

Elder Wrathall

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