Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Happy Week!

Waiting for the bus!

Happy Week!!
Tuesday: I normally don't write anything about this day,
because generally nothing happens besides P-day stuff, however, this time something fun happened. After P-day, we wereboth contemplating on how we could get our hands on cigarettes, because we needed to get some to soak in milk and let dry for our investigator to smoke, that way he never wants to smoke again. When no later than 2 minutes, we walk into
a guy who is smoking!! I tell him what's up, "Hey!! We werejust talking about how we could get some cigarettes, and wecame across you! Can you give us a pack?" He looked kinda
shocked and said, "Wait, aren't you Mormons?" Haha, so we 
explained ourselves, had a good contact, then at the end, Ibartered with him for some cigs. He started off saying he 
wanted $5 for 4. Ended up buying 5 for $3.25.
Cigarettes are expensive!!!

Wednesday: We had DM (District Meeting) and we went 
tracting a lot. However, the grand finale of the day was 
Eric smoking those Milk/Mustard soaked cigs (He told us he wanted more than just milk.) He started to smoke one, whichhe felt super sick with that one, but being so dedicated hesmoked 3 at the same time. He threw up a couple of times. 
It was painful just to watch him.

Thursday: Eric didn't smoke all today!! It worked! He used to smoke 20 a day. We had a lesson with our other 
investigator Zac, who is trying to fight homosexuality. He has been lately talking how " Even if God came down and told him that homosexuality is wrong, he still wouldn't
believe it." We got him at the end of the lesson to say 
that he would be willing to change if he got an answer. It was a super spiritual lesson. However, he hasn't been 
keeping commitments. When an investigator doesn't keep 
commitments, it doesn't matter how great the lessons are, 
because they forget that moment, and go back to their old
ways. So we were worried he might not keep them again. So 
we text him everyday for a reminder.

Friday: Went on exchanges with our District Leader, Elder 
Norris, I've known Elder Norris since I was 'born' in the 
mission! SO it was super exciting and fun to be with him. 
He is a surfer dude from San Diego, California. Sadly, we 
didn't have a single lesson on this day, All we did was 
knock a ton of doors.

Saturday: We had 4 lessons scheduled, but only 1 happened, we were trying hard to fight the discouragement that was
coming along with that. And we are getting pretty sick of 
tracting. Just have to keep enduring till school starts up!

Sunday: I didn't do so well at planning the meetings that 
we had scheduled... So we were building hopping all
throughout church. And we were excited to this week becauseit is fast & testimony meetings, so it is a super good way to get our faces out there, and people know us. The first 
meeting we went to, a bishopric was getting released,
so no testimony meeting, then the 2nd was good, but then 
the 3rd was jam full of people baring their testimonies. Ohwell, that's a good problem.

Elder Nielsen was told to go to MLC from 1-4pm, He didn't 
know why, and when he returned he didn't know either. Haha,however, I feel like that is a tale-tell sign that he is 
going to be in Leadership this next transfer. While he was
about doing that I was with a Member of the ward for a 
lesson in which I invited the investigator to be baptized 
the 5th of September, he said he would work towards it, but
he is moving to Roosevelt, UT. on Saturday... :( Happy for
him, sad for us! Later we met a girl from Brooklyn that 
doesn't know much about the church. She was a little stand-offish because she is black, and she thought because of 
that she is cursed. Once we hopped that barrier it went
well, and we set up a return appointment.

Love Elder Wrathall

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