Wednesday, August 12, 2015

For the Sake of Other Areas Day

Wednesday: I think it would be appropriate to call this day, "For the sake of Other Areas day!" We had two lessons with people that
were going to be moving into other areas. We invited both to be baptized. So those missionaries are walking into something pretty good! Also, we talked to a random guy, without us saying anything about the church yet, he says, "I've actually been really interested in the church, and I want to meet with missionaries soon." I thought it was a member just joking with us... Nope. completely real desire. He doesn't live in our area, but gave him the number for the missionaries where he does, he was going to give them a call.
Thursday: We met with Zac, and sadly he still didn't pray. He read
the scriptures, and came to church, but didn't pray at all. We felt like we weren't making any progress so we decided to drop him as an investigator. We told him that we wouldn't meet anymore. Turns out, right after that lesson he went to our Ward Mission Leader, Zach Jensen, and told him that all the concerns that he brought up, aren't his real concerns, he wants to be baptized, but that he just feels like he isn't ready yet. So he doesn't want to set a date. But that was really cool to see his development in the gospel that came from dropping him.
Friday: We were able to help 2 people move into their houses. One
of which was a college girl, after we helped her move in, we asked if she would like to learn more about the church. She said, "Maybe...." She was just one of those girls who can't say no, we finally milked a no out of her. Then continued on trying to find the elect, for people like that though, we tell the ward to invite them to activities and what-not.

Saturday: Turns out there is a fair in town, and we decided that
we would go to it, because it is in our area, and also, we had no lessons for the day... The Christensen's joined us, there was a booth called, "Are you a good person? Pass the test, Get $1". It was a bashing booth of non-denominational churches, they guy I had that gave me the test was super nice. I got a dollar. Now, Sister Christensen's guy was not nice at all. So she got a bit of the life of how it is to be persecuted for her faith. I felt bad taking them to the fair after that :/ Throughout the fair, we had people stop us, and sometimes give us referrals, it was pretty sweet!
Sunday: We had a lot of people come to church! He had 3 less-actives
that we were working with come to church, we only have 1 real investigator, and he came, but we had like 4 non-members come to church besides that. Met with some more Bishops that are excited for the missionary work that will be rolling in come school time. Man, I really wish School would come already! Haha
Monday: Started the day off with service! Helping a senior couple clean
up their yard and garage. Then... we actually had a lot of lessons for the day!!! We had 7 scheduled, and 5 went through. Not too bad of a ratio! We met with Ian, who Elder Norris found in his area, but is YSA so he turned it over to us. However, the lesson went a bit sour. Norris said Ian was super interested, but Ian's brother, Jordan, completely hijacked the lesson and took it on a downward spiral. Jordan is not interested at all, so now comes the chall-enge of trying to meet with Ian alone.
Tuesday: Got to go to the temple today :)))))
Thanks for the email!! Have a wonderful week!
Elder Wrathall 

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