Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Transfer news and he is actually staying put!

Transfer NEWS!!! Elder Nielsen is going up north, serving as a District Leader, 
and I am  getting my Son Elder Ichin who is from an
Island off of Guam. Exciting times!

Wednesday: Sister Haines (The mission office secretary) called us,
letting us know that she had our stuff! (The stuff that was stolen last
week) Turns out the robber after thieving from us went out for
lunch, then left the bag that he stole from us (Which said "The Utah
Ogden Mission" on the bag) on a table at a restaurant. The manager got
it, and gave it back to the mission office. Pretty sweet! God looks
out for us, we didn't think we were every going to see those things

Thursday: Eric always told us his reason for not being able to quit
smoking was because of his surroundings. So we had good news, Eric was
getting out of that house and moving into his Mom's house. We helped
him move, and had a lesson afterwards, he was so gun hoe (I think
that is how you spell it?? haha) about quitting after that.

Friday: Aaron, who was an investigator in my last area. Got permission
from the first presidency to be baptized!!! He is so excited, he met
with the missionaries for over 2 years, and he has been waiting for
permission for like two months. Good to see him to be baptized.

Saturday: We had a lesson with Eric, he is still struggling with the
Word of Wisdom. And this time, he seemed to take a turn for the worse.
Usually he is pumped and telling us that he is never going to smoke
one again, but this time he didn't seem to have the desire, he just
made a lot of excuses for not quitting to smoke.

Sunday: We went to one of the new wards that opened up because of the
people moving in. This ward was a Man's best friend... Haha. This ward
had around 75 girls in it, and 5 guys. It was so weird to see! We
helped pass and bless the sacrament, never thought I would
have to help in one of these wards up here with that. Eric our
investigator came to church!

Monday: We had MLT today, it was held at the Mission President's home.
I like the home feel that the meeting had, but it was certainly
squished at times with all those people in there. During MLT we
had Eric (Our only investigator) text us saying that he doesn't want to
meet with us for a time. He wants to come to church still but to take
a break from the missionary discussions. :( Sad. So now we have no
investigators... This is rough. I feel really bad for my Greenie who
comes into here when it is like this. Though school is starting up,
people are moving in, so we should be good.

Elder Wrathall

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