Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This could be the best week of my mission!

September 1, 2015

This could be the best week on my mission.... First, my companion is Elder
Florschutz, from Wrangell, Alaska. He is 18, worked as a commercial fisherman,
nevertheless quite the nerd.... Haha. So we get along well!

Wednesday: Transfer Day!!! Elder Neilsen went on up to Smithfield. I
went to go pick up my Son. Elder Florschutz. Turns out the Lord
changed his mind. I got an English Speaking missionary. Which was a
very pleasant surprise. Went through some trainings by people in the
mission office. Got to the apartment, right off the bat did some
role-playing to see where his skills are at. Went right off to
tracting. Miracles happened though. Our Ward mission leader set up a
NM lesson, who Elder Florschutz was able to invite to be baptized. She
said "I don't know" Which is a good first lesson response. Elder
Forschutz was able to invite someone to be baptized on his first day!

Thursday: We had a bishop call us up and tell us that a young lady was
coming in to see him, he told us that she was bringing a friend that
wanted to meet with us. We met her! Her name is Mack. She is from
Illinois and doesn't know hardly anything about the church, but she
went to Church on Sunday. We invited her to be baptized the
19th of September, she said that she will work toward it. She said she
knew there was a reason why she felt like she needed to come to USU, and
she told us she thinks this is the reason!

Friday: Since even the 2nd day of Elder Florschutz being out in the
field we have been going on splits. I'm throwing him out into the work
just like my trainer did. He is doing an awesome job, hasn't
complained about it at all.

Saturday: Move in day!! So many people were moving into campus, we
left our apartment at 8:00 to help those whom were moving in. We
helped many people. Wasn't to difficult though, because college
students generally don't really have much.... Sad but true. Haha.
We got to know lots of people. Campus put on a chocolate slip n slide.
That was interesting to watch. I was tempted to go down it. Just think
of the mad trust from the college students if I did! A missionary in
full proselyting clothes going down a chocolate slip n slide. Before I
was able to think of it too long, the slip n slide broke... I guess
God didn't want me to. Haha

Sunday:We had 10 hours of church meetings this day. I think I might
have just made Elder Florschutz not want to be on a mission anymore...
Haha JK. Afterwards we had the opportunity to meet with a girl from
the Ivory Coast! She doesn't speak hardly any English, she speaks French.
So we had like 4 translators/fellowshippers there. It was super hard to teach
someone we can't understand, and going through translators gets rid of a lot of
the spiritual aspects of the lessons. At the end of it all, she said she would
pray about meeting with us again. Hopefully she gets the right answer!

Monday: Another miracle day! We went on splits again, but I talked to
a bishop of a ward and he said that they had a non-member fill out a pink
form (A form that is used to request membership records) and under the question
"Convert or Child of Record" She checked "Convert" then put beside it, "In
pending" Haha. Got to meet with her the same night and invited her to be
baptized, she is working towards the 26th of September! :)

Elder Florschuts lives in a very rural area, so he isn't used to city
things at all. This morning we were taking the bus. We were standing
up. Elder Florschutz was just getting thrown all over the place when
that bus was moving. I was laughing probably way to hard. Freak, this
mission life is the best!

It's good to be busy! Keeps you out of trouble right?

Thanks for the email!
Love you!!
Elder Wrathall

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