Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It just keeps getting better and better!

Wednesday: We had Zone Conference, that went to 8am-3pm. It was about
the Restoration, and they went into very large detail about it, such
as the Great Apostasy. It was suer cool, because it was so different
than from any other Zone Conference that I have had. Afterwards, we
were lacking a ride, so we asked President Allred if he was able to
give us a ride. He was, but along the way he took us to "Sonic" and
got us Milkshakes. What a good mission president! Haha.

Thursday: A day with no teaching appointments is a hard day in the
mission. I don't know how those 3rd world country missionaries do it,
where they get like no lessons. God knows me well, and put me in this
mission for a reason.

Friday: Mack! Our investigator who is working towards the 19th to be
baptized, has been receiving a lot of persecution from her Mom, about
joining the church, just because her Mom from Illinois is un-aware of
the church teachings and whatnot. It got to the point, where her Mom
won't talk to her anymore. To make things even harder for Mack, the
19th is when Her Mom was planning to come out to visit with her. Mack
prayed about it though, and she feels strongly that she needs to be
baptized that day. I hope that her mom will come to the baptism. By
the divine guidance from God, we had Kellie, who is a recent convert
of 9 months, come to the lesson with her Mom, that when Kellie was
deciding to get baptized, her Mom was super strong against it. But now
with a change of heart, her Mom is getting baptized Nov. 7th. They
were both a huge support for Mack!

Saturday: Went out to lunch with the amazingly awesome Christensen's!
Went to Angie's ("Where the locals eat") Sadly we didn't have any
teaching appointments this day, however we met up with Ward Mission
Leaders. One of which said there was a girl in their ward that was
from a polygamy family down in south Utah, but she doesn't agree with
that way, and she wants to be baptized.

Sunday: Of course we had the 10 hours of church. Afterwards we met
with Vivian, the french speaker. She has been receiving a lot of
persecution from her family about going to this church. We brought
Elder Sutton, because he is from Canada, and knows French.
Nevertheless, it still took like 20 minutes each principle that we
taught, it is such a long process! She has a real desire to learn
more though, which is really cool. The aunt and uncle she is living with
are kicking her out of the house because of her desire. :(

Monday: We had the opportunity to meet with Viki Xiao, who obviously,
by her name, is from China, but she didn't want to take the
discussions in Mandarin, so we are meeting with her. We met her at
church on Sunday. She is so prepared, she doesn't know it.... but she
is! When we invited her for the 26th to be baptized, she was like, "I
don't feel prepared to be baptized, let me prepare." We were like,
"What are you going to do to prepare?" "I need to pray, and find out if
God is really there, and I need to read the scriptures to know if
they are true." "Yes! You do that Viki!" Haha

I am loving it out here on my mission!
Hope everything else is well for all of you! :)
Miss you a ton too! Not to much longer, that is for sure.
Elder Wrathall 
This is how Elder Florschutz studies.... Haha

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