Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What a wonderful week!!

Elder Rangel is home now :'(  (I'm guessing that this is this picture)

What a wonderful week!!

Wednesday: Meet with our new investigator Riley for the first time.
She told us, when we were going over the Restoration, that she had
actually been to Palmyra, and to The Sacred Grove. After we recited
the first vision to her, she told us that she knew that Joseph Smith
is a true prophet. It's not everyday that you get an investigator who
has a testimony of Joseph Smith already. She likewise to a lot of our
investigators, just doesn't feel ready to be baptized.

Thursday: The night before, we got a text saying, "Hello, this is
Emisa". I responded saying, "Hello Emisa, this is the missionaries, is
there something that we can help you with?" She called us right after
then told us, "Hey, I haven't been coming to church for a while...
because of reasons..." Haha, did we just turn into the missionary
confession line? We met with her today, she feels guilty because of
a transgression. She was baptized just a month ago. It was cool that
she contacted us.

Friday: We've been riding our bikes more, but man, I feel Elder
Florschuts is the embodiment of my earlier self in the mission. I
remember how many bike problems that I had earlier in the mission, now
Florschutz is getting it. I don't think we rode our bikes a single time
where something didn't happen to Elder Florschutz bike. From the chain coming
off, to flat tires.... So many flat tires. Sadly, in the morning, we got a text
back from one of our investigators, who we texted a couple days earlier, she
said to us that she doesn't want to meet anymore, because she wants to stick
with her Buddhist faith. We tried to convince her to meet with us again, but
sadly, no avail.

Saturday: Had a lesson with Mack, she is still being reviled by her
mom. So sad how many people we teach, they know that the gospel of
Jesus Christ is true, but their parents don't agree. Therefore interjecting
their progression. True is Matthew 10:34-36 "Think not that I am come to send
peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a
man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and
the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be they
of his own household. "I have seen the fulfillment of this doctrine repeatedly
over the course of my mission.

Sunday:We only had 8 hours of church this Sunday!! Woot! Mack, after
Sacrament, came out, you could tell that she had been crying. She
comes up to us and says, "THIS SATURDAY! We are doing it!" I was like,
What.. She had felt the spirit so strong in Sacrament Meeting that she
is determined to be baptized this next Saturday! Miracles! We had a lesson
at 3 with Charlotte, one of our investigators, she moved from the Philippines
when she was 14, her parents have joined the church already, now she feels like
she wants to join as well. She is more concerned about the "When" rather than
the "If".

Monday: Mondays are always busy days up at Campus, we started to
street contact up there, ran into a return missionary Elder Stalder
who was in my first zone. It was cool to see him, he didn't have any
referrals for me though... What the!! Haha. We had a lesson with a
Less-Active, who he parties hard, but what is really cool is he wants
to change! We invited him to meet with his bishop this Sunday, he said
that he would. He told us he has to drink 3 bottles of Tequila before
he even feels buzzed.... I thought that would normally kill a guy.

For the week we had 17 lessons, 2 new investigators, and 7 come to
church. Super good numbers, such a blessing to be able to be working
with all these people.

Elder Wrathall

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