Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September Coming to an End

Wednesday: Met with Ali! She is such a nice cool girl, she is actually studying religion for her major. She really wants to learn more about the church, but she doesn't feel like she would want to join, I asked her though, "if you  came to know this is God's church, would you be baptized?" And she said yes, of course! Who would say no to that? So she is working towards the 24th of October to be baptized.

Thursday: Had a lesson With Charlotte at the temple grounds! That was a really cool experience, taught about the temple obviously. Charlotte is being a bit stubborn, haha, we invited her to work towards the 3rd of October but she doesn't like that date, she told us she wants to set her own date. So what we are going to do is to tell her to go to conference asking, "Should I be baptized this month?" That way she sets her own date, but in a sense of urgency.

Friday: I'm having faith decreases in Weekly planning's! This is the second weekly planning session we have had this transfer where one of our investigators drop us during it! We just picked her up on Monday, and she dropped us :/ Later, we had a lesson with Mary, who wants to be baptized, but she is from a polygamist family, so she has to get first presidency approval, so she is going to meet with President Allred. 

Saturday: We had no lesson's throughout the day, and Lexi's baptism was scheduled for 8:30 pm, so the day seemed to drag on. Lots of door knocking, my fingers are getting stronger! ;) Lexi's Baptism was amazing, super spiritual, President Allred came to it, which was the first time I have had that with him being President. I was worried that Elder Florschutz might get nervous when we did our First Vision presentation, but he did awesome! It was funny, when Lexi saw the font, she was like, "Oh! It's a big bathtub!!" Haha.

Sunday: We had the confirmation of Lexi happen during the sacrament, that was really cool because Elder Florschutz was the one that was performing it! It was his first time doing it :) It was super spiritual. Right after the Sacrament Meeting the Stake President came up to us and said, "How is a baptism looking for next weekend?" Solemnly responding I said, "Not so good, the girl we have working towards it isn't feeling good about it." He completely rebuked us saying, "Why don't you have a baptism this next weekend, you need to be getting 10 to 20 new investigators per week added into your teaching pool" I was a bit shocked by that... We normally get 2 investigators a week, I was pretty happy with that...

Monday: We had a lesson scheduled with Mack, she brought a non-member friend with her! It was sure cool! Sadly the friend doesn't live in our boundaries, so we don't get to teach her :/ But such a cool missionary opportunity for Mack! :) Our lesson with Jorden later in the day went well, she feels good about being baptized, but still doesn't have that overwhelming desire for it, and that is what she wants... That is difficult to work with, hopefully this upcoming conference will be perfect for that!

We don't get to go to any of the sessions :/ Our new mission president put a stop to that, sad. Especially because usually in the mission, when it is your last Conference on the mission, you get super good seats! I think he is in denial because this is his last General Conference on his mission. Hopefully he realized it before Conference.

Thanks for the email! 

Elder Wrathall

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