Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A mock ward council with Elder Ballard

Wednesday: Mack had her interview to be baptized, she passed with flying
colors! As expected, she is such a wonderful gal! We did quite a lot of street
contacting on campus, which really makes you realize how many members there
really are, it is rare when you talk to a non-member. Ran into Elder Andrus,
who was in my first Zone when I came in the mission, that was pretty cool!

Thursday: USU has been pretty good at not having lessons fall through,
but we do get the occasional bail. The other missionaries have set up
an appointment in our area twice, with the same person, but both times she fell
through. It's lame! We really want to meet her!! The rest of the day went well
though, and our appointments went through. Well Riley, who we have been asking
her to pray towards Oct. 10th, told us she prayed and got her answer for
January to be baptized.... What? Haha

Friday: Had a lesson with Jorden, she has a complete opposite
situation than Mack. Mack has everything bad going for her to accept
this gospel, but she does anyways. Jorden has everything good going
for her to accept this gospel, but she doesn't. Jorden has the concern
that she wants to learn more before being baptized. She knows
everything that we teach her already, she just needs to commit!

Saturday: Mack's Baptism!! I had the awesome privilege, because Mack
asked me to, to baptize her. It was pretty close to where we almost had
to do it again, because her legs came up, but there was a moment she was all
underwater, so it is all good! Afterwards she bore her testimony, and it was a
powerful testimony, best one I have heard in a while! Then later on, we had the
opportunity to hear from M. Russell Ballard, and Elder Clayton. They came to
the mission for a mission tour. We all got to shake their hands.

Sunday: Because just the mission tour with M. Russell Ballard wasn't enough, when we
got to church, the Stake President called us in, and told us that we need to go
to a mock ward council with Elder Ballard. So we had two meetings with him!
Spent the weekend with Elder Ballard :) Haha. They just focused really heavily
on Sabbath observance. Mack was confirmed, she hates attention, and that was
all that she got during that whole church block, kinda felt bad for her, but
that is the ward's job to do that :) Haha

Monday: We had meetings all throughout the day, can't get better than
that! We got a new investigator, her name is Megan, she is dating a
member, and she is looking for the true church. Something really cool,
is they have been dating for two years, but she is encouraging him to
go on a mission! How often does that happen!?  We split up for a lot
of lessons, all of the ones that I went to fell through, Elder
Florschutz's lessons all happened though! Lucky duck! Haha

Thanks for the email!
Elder Wrathall