Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Friends together again.

Elder Wrathall and Elder Giles together

Transfer News: We are both staying together!! We will be getting Elder Lowell and his son will be living in our apartment as well! We still aren't sure what exactly we cover.... Because they made 2 new areas on USU. 

Wednesday: I'm sure we did something cool, I just don't remember, ;)

Thursday: We started to teach a NM that isn't even in our area, because our bishop wanted us to... We are being forced to poach!! Haha We'll hand them over to the right  missionaries, but we got to talk to bishop about it. He is dating someone in our stakes, and they are wanting to get married. So I guess that is why bishop wanted us to teach them. He is pretty hard to teach though, not very humble, comes from a Catholic background so he has a lot of that doctrine in mind.

Friday: Friday's are a lot harder on Campus, seems like college students don't really want to spend their weekend nights hanging out with the missionaries and being taught. (What is wrong with them?) so we only had 1 lesson. The rest of the day was good old finding efforts. Campus is pretty barren on Friday afternoons, so we resorted to visiting members and giving them just short spiritual thoughts and asking for referrals.

Saturday: Watched General Conference over at our senior couple the Wilsons, they are such a sweet people, I love them so much! Priesthood session was super good, funny story about that. USU had a home football game going at the same time, so sadly, our priesthood session was very small. However, God has his hand over all, when Priesthood Session started, a storm came over the stadium with lightning and all, so they delayed the Football an hour and a half, about the same time that Priesthood was, so those that made the right decision of going to Conference could attend both! :) God is cool!

Sunday:Watched General Conference over at the Wilson's again! President Monson's talk was super powerful! Sad he is having so much health problems :( Of course, the best way to finish of the general conference day? Lessons! We had 5 lessons after. Kelton was one of them, recently just married but wants the gospel in his marriage :) I only got to teach him that one time, because we don't cover married people.

Monday: We had a good amount of lessons today! 6! sadly, one of them, a sister whom we are teaching, we talked to the Relief Society President about. Turns out she is actually a member who has been coming out to church. I guess she has just been messing with us, making us think she is an investigator. That's pretty lame. We met with Jorden! She was awesome! She went down to conference, and she felt like she needs to be baptized this month! So she is working towards the 24th, and she is so solid for that date!

Ponderize was probably my favorite talk, by Elder Durrant. You could just tell he was a mission president :)
 Fine, I'll see if I can get something unique.
Thanks mom!

Elder Wrathall

PS I get to see Elder Giles right now! I'm hopefully going to go to a teaching appt. with him right now! Elder Giles is Dallin's good friend from home although his family moved to Oregon this year. 

He said he just sat down and that why the picture is blurry and his eyes are closed but a picture is a picture!

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