Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Good Things!

Wednesday: Had 5 lessons this day! All of me went through. Such a blessing when people keep their appointments. Erica, a girl that we have been working with because she requested it, we had to tell her that we have to stop meeting with her.... Because she is doing awesome!! She has been going to church, she has a calling, she has been reading the scriptures and everything, so we told her basically that she is doing an awesome job and didn't need our help. She was sad about it, but understood.

Thursday: We actually got to do service!!! Haven't done that in a while, it was nailing weather strips along the side of garage doors for a church building. They have a dis-connected building that has 10 Garage doors on it. And we do 3 weather strips for each. So it takes a while.  We prepared some for Charlotte's baptism this weekend. We went over to talk to her about it, and very scary for us, was that she opened up about some doubts. We tried are best to smooth them out, but we left that appointment not sure if she was going to be baptized this weekend. We told her to keep working towards it in faith!

Friday: We asked Charlotte how she was feeling towards it, and she told us that she felt excited and ready! I am so glad for the power of The Spirit in conversion! There is no other way that this missionary work can proceed except by The Spirit! The Football game against Boise State happened, plus, it is fall break. So barely anyone was home, so it made it really rough to proselyte. When trying to find a fellowship to come with us to a lesson, we were about to give up, then came to our mind to bring Mack (Our Recent Convert) to the lesson. That was definitely inspired! Afterwards, she even texted us saying like she should go back to the investigator and talk with him. So she did, they had a super good conversation, where he opened up to her a lot, which he doesn't to us. Mack is the best! She is a natural missionary!

Saturday: As a zone like we normally do on Saturday morning we played speed-ball! Always a good stress reliever. Right after, we rushed to get ready then rode our bikes over to the tabernacle for filling the font for Charlotte's baptism. Filling the Font takes a little over 2 hours :/ This time we actually got it to be warm! :) I had the opportunity to baptize her! Always a wonderful moment. She was so happy when she came out of the water! For lunch we ate out with my Former companion, now released and returned Colten Bayles, and Rox of course. It was good to see them both again :) 

Sunday: Elder Florschutz was the one who confirmed Charlotte as a member of the church. It was a jam packed sacrament meeting. We had people having to sit up on the podium, and we were all shoulder to shoulder. They combined two wards, it being fall break and a lot of people went home. Those were the only two wards that I would say didn't need to be combined. All the rest of the wards were super small. Mack, who was baptized a month ago, got her Patriarchal Blessing! She was allowed to invite people, so she invited us!  It was really cool to be there for someone else's blessing! She had some really awesome specific blessings!

Monday: Now that we cover the 4th Stake again, we got to meet with Mary again, who is waiting for 1st Presidency approval for baptism! She is so cool, and excited for it. It has been 3 weeks since she was interviewed, so I am guessing another 3 weeks for approval to return. She is keeping the faith though. We had two other lessons of where with our investigators they are keeping every commitment, they just haven't received their answers. With both of them we are almost done with all the lessons, both come from active participation in another religion. It is getting hard to know what to do for them :/ Thank goodness for the Spirit!

Love Elder Wrathall

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