Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Could things get smaller?

Wednesday: Things have drastically changed in our area, since now we only cover 1 stake rather than 3. Our area is like 1/8 of what it used to be. It is now literally 4 blocks. I am pretty sure it is the smallest missionary proselyting area in the world.... Haha. With that, it is hard to keep busy when we don't have lessons. We still contact on Campus.

Inline image 1
That's our area, except half of the bottom right block we don't cover, and the bottom two blocks we don't cover. So... super small.

Thursday: Because other missionaries took over our stakes, we have been having "Passover" lessons, meaning... They are taking our investigators. Man it is really sad sometimes to pass over investigators, because you know they are progressing and they are going to get baptized.

Friday: This day was a great day. We finally had a lesson with Charlotte after 9 days without. We were super worried going in there because seems like she had been avoiding meeting with us. So we thought she might not have been interested anymore. But! We had a super awesome lesson, and in it, our fellowshippers asked what was holding her back from being baptized. She thought... And thought... And thought. But nothing came. So we invited her for next Saturday, and she felt the spirit confirm to her that that is good! Yay!!!

Saturday: We had lessons throughout the afternoon, which was sweet, but come the night there was nothing to do, and nobody was home. We taught Mack a Recent Convert lesson, but had a plan of salvation drawing contest, I will send you my drawing :) Then we had a lesson with a new investigator, Stephanie, who when we knocked the door, her Boyfriend answered, so I was worried that they were living together, but nope! They aren't even when they are engaged too! Yay!! They were pretty interested, but we can only meet with them once a week for these first three weeks they said, because they are so busy :( Later in the week, they texted us asking if they could have their friends come to who are interested! Sick!!!

Sunday: A Day full of meetings... 11 hours of church this time, We had a Sunday Night Devotional with Elder Brent Nielsen, he talked a lot about trials, and how trials is the purpose we came to earth. Good talk for college students. We had dinner with Jorden our investigator, she is such the nicest gal! She knows how to bake too! She made a chocolate peanut butter cake. It was super good. Rich but good. She is excited for her baptism next week! :)

Monday: The afternoon was rough because we had no lessons, well it fell through anyways. Come the night, it was very busy :) We had Charlotte's Baptismal Interview, she did awesome! Had little Caesar's twice for dinner. That was... gross. Then had a super good lesson with Eric. He understands everything besides grace :/ I feel like he has true intent though, and I believe that he will get an answer to his prayers :)

Thanks for the email! Love you!
Elder Wrathall

To see if he could...

Success I guess.

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