Saturday, August 22, 2015

The safest city in the USA?

Wednesday: We started to tract, we were knocking doors, none of them
were opening, finally, after like 30 min, one opens. So excited I say, "What's 
your name!?" He replies, "I'm the landlord, nobody lives in these apartments 
right now." It was so sad. Seems to be the case for a ton of the apartments in 
our area right now. We had a lesson with Eric at the Temple! That was really 
cool! We didn't got home because we went up to Clarkston (45min drive) and 
served at the Martin Harris Pageant. Stayed over the night with Alsterberg up in

Thursday: We had to get a ride down from Preston to Logan,  we were going to take the bus, but learned that the bus only goes there early morning and late
afternoon. We already missed them all, as soon as I learned of that though, 
someone drove up to us, and offered us a ride. That was super nice :) When we got back to the apartment, our door was open, we both thought that was 
strange, but kinda shrugged it off. Had lunch, then I noticed my watch box was gone, then Nielsen noticed his ipod was gone. We first thought it was just other missionaries playing a joke on us. Called around, nope. Called 911 and they 
took fingerprints and whatnot. Yep... Got robbed in the safest city in the USA. 
Dealing with that took a long  time.
Friday:  Because of the lack of students around right now, we decided to start 
prepping up for big wave of work, we made maps of our area that we can place notes on, and got more organized with splits and correlations.
Saturday: Met with Eric again, he is struggling really bad with the smoking, and this time I went to his house, and it all made sense. Everybody in his house 
smokes, and it stenches with it, He did tell us that he bought 2 puppies to help him get over smoking, keeps him more busy, and makes him more happy. The miracles of puppies! Haha
Sunday: 7am-4pm. Church!! Haha, afterwards we met with Eric again, he
decided that he needs to get a new place if wants to be able to smoke, sad, 
because that usually takes a long time to move, so he won't be able to be 
baptized very soon, but very good for him to get out of that terrible place. He is such a good guy, he doesn't deserve to live there.
Monday: Had a lesson with Riley, a Less-Active, he is wanting to get back 
active, maybe the reasoning is that his girlfriend is a active member... but any 
reason is a good reason. He is working with the bishop to become worthy to 
partake of the sacrament, and the bishop suggested that he meet with us, the missionaries! He is a really cool guy, I like him a lot. I feel like if I didn't serve amission that is where I would be at, so I can sympathize. Lately have been 
running into a lot of guys who love motorcycles, this is why God wanted me to
ride motorcycles before my mission, so easy to get a conversation with them.

Well these next two weeks is moving times, people moved out pretty much 
already, Freshmen will be moving in on Saturday, everyone else, next Saturday.It's about to get busy!!! :)

Thanks for the email, 
Love you Mom!
Elder Wrathall

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