Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Winter has hit Utah

Wed/Thurs/Fri: All these days can be summed up about the same. We knocked a lot of doors that weren't interested in hearing the gospel. We had barely any lessons because everyone is spending time with their families and they don't want to meet with us when their families are over. For Thanksgiving we had dinner with the Stehli family, they were a nice family, an older couple with two of their sons and their wives were at the dinner. When knocking doors we knock at bishop's house to ask where someone lives he invited us in, we played fuss-ball and ping-pong at their house with two of their sons. Have to have a bit of fun on Thanksgiving! A big reason why we went in too, is because it was freezing cold with about 40 mph winds the whole day. Brrr... This is a true winter this year. It's been snowing a lot which I like!
Elder Clukey makes fun of me because he is from Canada.  
Saturday: We had Nancy's baptism! At about the same time was Stef being baptized up at USU, so sadly I wasn't able to make it up to hers. Nancy's baptism was really good, President came to it, and also Elder Lawrence and Pregnolato. Elder Cruz, who was the missionary here before us came down to baptize Nancy. The rest of the day was more door knocking. 

Sunday: We were asked to give a talk on the welfare program of the church. Which I thought was ironic, because it talks a lot about self reliance, and we aren't self reliant at all. We ask for rides all the time, we live in a members home, the members feed us every day. Haha, oh well. It was really hard actually to give a talk on that compared to my normal talks on missionary work. We also gave a training to members of a different Ward how to do missionary work. We did a demonstration role-play of talking to their neighbors. I role played the member inviting his neighbor, so I, in the role-play, invited him over for steak and salmon at my house. Haha, so now the members know they need to step up their game with dinners ;P
Monday: Flaky people in Ogden, with heir appointments falling through. Forgot about that.
Elder Clukey is doing so much better at teaching I'm impressed! 
That was my week!

In response to my email:
Yeah! I was smart this time and didn't go to multiple thanksgivings. Though Friday we had a Thanksgiving too! That was awesome! Haha
Sounds like you had a super fun week this time.
Yeah I was super happy about the snow. We are not in a car area, I wish we were, our area is pretty dang big, and have a ginormous mountain in it. 
It is December! That is crazy!
Thanks for the email!
Elder Wrathall

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