Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Missionaries to the rescue!

Tuesday: I normally don't include Tuesday's... Because I am lazy. However, this time I have to include it because of what happened. In the morning we went to go shopping, and the grocery store is not to far so we just walk. On the way back, we were walking, and when passing by this house we hear someone yelling "Help!" Over and over again, we found out it was coming from the garage. Turns out, this lady had fallen in her garage and couldn't get up, We checked the doors and the doors were locked, so we asked her if she had any family we could call. We called up her granddaughter, she headed on over. When talking to the lady, she asked us who we were, we told her we were the missionaries. She began crying and telling us how 10 years ago she was praying for help in her life and missionaries came to her door and she was baptized, now once again she was praying for help, and we, missionaries come again to answer her prayers. That was quite the tear jerker.

Wednesday: The average day, half of our lessons fall through, and seems like it is the same people every time that fall through as well. I don't understand how so many people can just cancel their appointments, and I wonder if they feel bad doing it or not. But 50/50 is not too bad. 

Thursday: So we got a new investigator. This one didn't take us much effort, that is for sure. His name is Brandon, he was already working towards having his father baptize him, and confirm him, but because his Dad took to long, he is turning 9 this Saturday and will now be counted as a convert baptism. Still got a little while to go till Dad get's to where he can confirm, but should be able to the 16th of January. 

Friday: Ryan, the guy that we brought Root Beer to, we had another lesson with him. He is cool, the best way to describe him is that he is from Cali. Haha. Though he doesn't have to much real intent, like he is open to having us over and what-not, but when it actually comes down to business and doing things without us there is a whole other story. :/
We had another lesson with Alissa and Shayla, they are pretty solid for being baptized the 26th of Dec. They are so prepared, and they are excited too!

Saturday: This is the day when we try hardest to make daily contact with each of our investigators. It is make or break to get them to church, because that is the most important thing. Therefore, Satan is going to get them! We sent out texts, called, and stopped by some. Of course, though, even with them saying yes, all will not show. :/

Sunday: It was a rough day. We had 4 of our investigators that we were hoping would come to church, not come :(  Church is often the hardest thing to get people to actually do. We really wish the came to church to, each Ward did a Christmas Program that would have been perfect for them to each come!
Later in the day, we got a text from a number we didn't know, saying, "Elders are you busy right now? Could use a hand for just 5 min? I can come to you?" 
We responded, "Yes! Who is this? We just have to be somewhere at 1."
The text came back, "Where are you at?" 
Just completely ignored our, "Who are you?" Question. When we meet. We learn that it is Uncle Kerry!!! And Aunt Melissa!

Monday: It just rained all day.... What is wrong with this place. It is supposed to snow the week of Christmas. I'm done.
We knocked lots of doors, not many opened. We taught Rachel who is Alissa and Shayla's sister. The spirit was so strong, that at one point, Rachel just broke out in tears and left the room. She did not come back. Hopefully it was the spirit she felt anyways. It was right before we were going to invite her to be baptized. So we finished up the lesson without her :/

Haha, we are getting a ton of snow now. I want to go sledding today!
Thanks for the email! Love you tons!

Elder Wrathall

Another visitor from home. I guess you get that a lot when you serve in Utah!

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