Thursday, December 17, 2015

Winter has come!

The Snow has come!!

Wednesday: We had a zone meeting. This Zone meeting made a lot of changes to the mission, such as no sports Saturday morning like we have been doing, or some extra meetings that we have been having. However with these rules, we are now allowed to use wifi in our apartments! That is a really nice change!
After the meeting we had a lesson with a family who they have a crazy amount of people living with them (probably around 15) in a small house, plus 6 dogs, a cat, and a bird. Needless to say it is hard teaching them in there, but some of them seem pretty open to coming to know if these things are true! :)

Thursday: We had a lesson with Alissa and Alaine! They are such awesome gals, they have such a desire to live the gospel. They are going through a lot of tough things in life, and on top of it they just got the flu. Even with the flu though, they let us come over. Hardly anyone lets us still teach them when they are sick!  They also came to church when they were sick! These girls are great. It is hard setting up appointments with them because they are busy though.
We also did some Christmas Carolling trying to get into some homes. It works!

Friday: No lessons this day :'(. We did go to a Ward Christmas Party, it was catered by Maddox. It was good, but nothing like exceptionally good, Maddox was way to hyped up for me. We did set up a few appointments by knocking doors. The hard thing about Ogden though, is that it is easy to set up appointments, but to actually have those appointments go through is another challenge in itself. It's hard to tell if they are sincere, or just wanting us to go away so they set up an appointment. :?

Saturday: When confirming with a potential investigator that we had set up an appointment with, he responded saying, "Yeah we are good for tonight, hey, can you fellas bring a couple six packs, i'll pay you back next week, also, can you fellas dress down, i felt uncomfortable last time." We had no idea if he was joking or not, so we didn't reply. We didn't dress down, and we brought a 2 liter of Root Beer! Haha. Turns out he was messing with us, he had a good laugh that we brough root beer. We had a really good conversation with them and a good lesson, they said they would read the BOM and pray about it. Hopefully they are sincere! 

Sunday: We gave two talks. I gave a 10 min talk and a 20 minute talk. Okay, I will admit, it is starting to wear on me giving so many talks. I just feel bad for the listeners! I'm not that great of a speaker! Haha. Later in the day after church, we were roaming the streets of North Ogden and we see this guy pacing around in front of these 
apartments. We talk to him and he said he locked himself out. So of course, we helped him break into his own apartment. We were pretty sure that he was telling the truth that he locked himself out of his apartment.... Ya never know in Ogden. I won't be held accountable for that will I?

Monday: Woke up to a winter wonderland, at the beginning of the day we had about 4 inches, at the end of the day is was about a foot. Woohooo! And we had Zone Conference, so we were inside a lot of the day, but we helped a lot of people shovel snow, and I actually enjoy that. I love the cool weather :) The snow is beautiful too!
The sad part of the day is we had 2 lessons fall through, we did however get some caroling in with one of the Bishops. That was fun to give some smiles on some faces.

Elder Wrathall

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