Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Back to Teaching Children

He got his Christmas Package. Don't you love the Advent Calendar?

Wednesday: In the morn, we drove up to Logan for a mission Christmas Party thing. They had a brunch for us, and the actual program was just a whole bunch Christmas songs. They put a lot more effort in to it this year rather than last year just watching the Grinch. Haha.
When we got back into our area we had a lesson with Trace who is 12, it's been rough transitioning back to teaching kids. I'm use to college students! Haha. But Trace is pretty dang cool, he likes church, and wants to be baptized. However, it's not his priority, or I should say, not his Mother's priority. It is hard to get them to come to church. Trace knows almost all the answers to the questions we ask him, he is a smart kid.

Thursday: We have been trying to get a hold of Alissa & Shayla, who are sisters that we are trying to teach, they said that they wanted to work towards being baptized on the 12th of Dec, but it has been hard getting a hold of them, to just have another lesson. We have called, knocked, but no answer. They are going through a lot in life, so they are busy.
We've been knocking lots of doors! This one contact we had, he let us inside, though his facial expressions and body language were kinda hostile. He asked questions like, "What do you missionaries teach if people are already strong in their faith in a different church?" Questions that were clearly letting us know he is not interested. He was overall nice though, when we left he said, "By the way, I have a grandson going on a Mormon mission next week." Then closed the door. Well fair enough I suppose.

Friday: Friday and Saturday night we participated in a Christmas Pageant that the stake put on. It was a super cool performance, you would go on a walk around the building and it was the story of Jesus Christ's Birth. They had a whole bunch of actors for it, a whole bunch of decorations, then near the end, you watch a video about Jesus Christ, then the group gets led to a room with us in it. Then we bore our testimony of it, and asked for referrals haha. We got them trapped!

Saturday: Dylan was baptized!! That was a super good baptism, his mom sang at the baptism. Elder Cruz came to baptize him. During the evening we did the Pageant again. We didn't have time for a dinner, but no need to fear, because at the pageant they had unlimited cookies!! That's a healthy dinner right?

Sunday: We had Dylan's Confirmation during church, and also fast & testimony meeting as well. Now that was pretty dang sweet! Dylan's Mom who was in-active, and still kinda less-active because she works on half of the Sundays, she got up and bore a beautiful testimony! It is always cool to see someone you worked with bear their testimony. 
That night we finally got in contact with Alissa and Alaine, turns out they have been still reading the Book of Mormon and Praying about it! We re-committed Alissa to work towards the day after Christmas to be baptized, she is excited for it, she exclaimed joyfully, "Okay! I will come to church for sure!" 
Lessons like those are always awesome!

Monday: We got a call in the afternoon from Alaine, telling us that Shayla, Alissa's Sister would also like to be baptized the same day as her. Then Alaine continued to tell us that they have another friend coming to live with them that is also interested in joining the church! Miracles! Alaine herself was pretty excited about it herself.

Yep! Got my package! Thanks! There is only one of the gifts that I felt and I know what it is, the other ones are mysteries! Haha.
Yeah, they were slacking this year with that.
We've been to two so far, we have another 2 that we are also going to, one is being catered by "Maddox" which apparently is a super good eatery, I've always wanted to try since the beginning of my mission, but it's in Brigham.
We didn't get the chance to see the Christmas Devotional, we had a lesson scheduled at the time, they didn't give a very big head's up notice about it :/
I'd be soo down to work for Jacob and Aaron! Did I also tell you I got offered a job at pizza-pie-cafe up in Rexburg when I am there in April? Thinking about it, not too sure yet.

Well thanks for the email!
Elder Wrathall

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