Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Only Three Hours of Church

Wednesday: Went on exchanges with our District Leader, I went with Elder Skablund into their area, while the District Leader Elder Saagmeister went with Elder Clukey in our area. It is against the rules to write negatively home. So I'll leave it at that. :P

Thursday: Got back to our area, man was it good to be back! We had 2 lessons set up, which is pretty good considering it is Christmas Eve, however only one went through. We knocked on quite a few doors, we set up some return appointments, it went better that I thought it would, nobody got angry at us for Tracting on Christmas eve :) Our dinner we had egg rolls because that is the tradition of the family we had dinner with. I like that tradition! It was yummy.

Friday: Merry Christmas!! Opened presents in the morning, did our normal studies, then Skype home! :) After wards we went to a Bishop's home. During our time there, they skyped with their daughter who is on a mission. She has 6 months left, but their entire conversation was about, "When you get home...." I'm glad my skype call was not like that at all :) Good job family! We had dinner with the Bachmans, they smoked some prime rib, that was super good, then went to Bishop Petersens home. Their Son got a hover board for Christmas, so we tried that out! It doesn't really hover.

Saturday:Alissa & Shayla's baptism!! That was such a cool experience to have us both baptize them. Our Ward Mission Leader conducted the baptism, it was his first time, he did good, but sure did talk a lot.... Right after the baptism, Elder Clukey threw up :/

Sunday: Elder Clukey was sick all today, we made it out to 3 hours of church.... Man, 3 hours of church is not long at all!!! :) Shayla & Alissa were confirmed! We got to participate in that. For the rest of the day, we had our Zone Leaders come and help us out with split, one of them stayed in the apartment with Clukey, and the other went teaching with me.

Monday: It snowed all day! But it was a very lite snow shower all day, so by the end of the day, we had maybe a half an inch. We only had lessons with members today :/ WE have some of them getting to invite some of their friends over to meet with us though! The effects of the Holidays are still upon us, many people don't want to meet with us until the Holiday season is done.

The cold is cool! Haven't been in this cold for so long, it is just a different world!!
We are staying the same for this next transfer.

Thanks for the email!!!
Elder Wrathall

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