Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I burned my suit

Wednesday: We had a world-wide missionary broadcast! It was pretty cool, it was basically a general conference, but for full-time missionaries. The topic was, "Teach Repentance, and Baptize Converts" We heard from Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Elder David A Bednar, and some other ones. It was a really good broadcast!

Thursday: When Tracting, we ran into Shawn, he let us in, and talked with us quite a bit. Early on he told us that he was a Master Mason, so we asked about that, it was very interesting! He basically told us that it was Satanic. After that we taught him the Restoration, he didn't seem to know very much about the church at all, at the end of the lesson, we invited him to be baptized. He responded saying, "yes, if I know that this is right I will." After having that lesson, we contacted some members so we could get one to come with us to the next visit, doing that let us know that Shawn removed his records and he actually served a mission in Texas, was married in the temple, and Elder's Quorum President before removing his record. The next time we went over he completely just bible bashed us. I asked him a few questions that made him think, then didn't have the answers to, but just went off on another topic how the Mormons are wrong. Sad to see.

Friday: Definitely my favorite day out of this week. Why? Because we got a new investigator!! Her name is Tayla, she is about 16 years old. She was introduced to us by a member family who invited her to meet with the missionaries! Yay for member missionary work! Right off the bat, Tayla told us that she doesn't really feel comfortable joining the church. However, by the end of the lesson she was crying (Good Crying) and accepted to work towards being baptized on the 20th of February She just wants to make sure that this is the right path, and she wants to make sure with her parents that this is okay. We assured her by that date that those things will be taken care of as long as she does her part. (EX. Pray, Read, Go to Church) Best lesson in a long time.

Saturday: We woke up at 4:40 in the morning to go snow shoeing again with Bro. Longhurst, our High Councilor over missionary work. He brought his dog along, named Atticus. That was a ton of fun. Once at the top of the mountain, I burned my suit (Don't worry mom, it was worn out) to celebrate two years out on the mission. We made memories for sure. We got down and to our house by 7:30 so we could start studies on time!

Sunday: A pretty depressing Sunday. We thought for sure Tayla was going to come to church. We were even speaking in her Ward so we invited her to hear us speak. Nevertheless, she was not there. :( They wanted me to speak on my experiences as a missionary, that was a really fun talk to give. I only had 5 minutes left after Elder Clukey got talking, but I couldn't keep it to 5.... I had to go over 5 minutes haha. Bishop thanked me for talking overtime, he said he wanted to hear more from me, so that didn't make me feel bad. Right after, in the same Ward. Apparently we were signed up to teach Gospel Principles. We didn't have any preparation for that, but the class was very good at discussion, so that made it easy.

Monday: We had the opportunity to where a older couple needed some help chopping wood. That was a lot of fun, tiring, but fun. I'm not sure if I have split wood since I was like 12 years old. I got back into the SWING of it! (Haha.... Punny) We spent 3 hours of chopping wood, I was dead tired by the end of it, no doubt about that, but they have a ton of wood now!

Later on in the day, a Less-Active invited us in to his home when we were Tracting. He right off the bat told us his life story. He got married, drank a lot, even got into cocaine. His wife told him to shape up, so he did. After years of struggle he made it to the temple to be sealed with his wife. A couple years later she left him by text saying she doesn't love him anymore. That was the end of that. He still believes in the church, but can't make it to church because he works on Sunday. :/ He sure has been through a lot.
AND that was the week. I'm surprised I even wrote ya, because I will be home in two weeks.... Haha

Yeah, I am pretty trunky, it's hard knowing everyone I start to teach now I won't see get baptized :/
Thanks for the email! Love you tons!

Elder Wrathall

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