Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"Feast upon the words of Christ" instead of Human flesh.

Wednesday: The stake young men are making movies in their each individual Ward. And two wards wanted us to be in their's. The first one we were just acting like we were teaching a family, but they came in with no warning that they we recording. So all they got from us were just a whole bunch of confused faces. The other movie is going on the theme of Zombies. Our role is we taught the survivors that they can cure the Zombies by having them, "Feast upon the words of Christ" instead of Human flesh. Haha, so we give them copies of the Book of Mormon.

Thursday: Yay Tracting. We ran into a lady who is a less-active, she was offended by the policy change as far as the homosexual relationships go. We knocked on this  huge mansion. They gave us a tour of their house. The wife was active member but he is not a member. He is super stubborn though. They had a super cool house though, it was huge!

Friday: This week we have done a lot of Tracting. This day was probably the most. We had two lessons with Less-Actives. One of the people we met with, he is 21, but his only concern is that he doesn't like the social aspect of church. He doesn't like people basically. We basically told him to sit in the foyer then. Haha

Saturday: Brandon's Baptism! We had quite a few people come! A lot of Less-Active and Non-Members came as well. The Parents of Brandon are working towards the temple. And a year ago the Mom wasn't even a member and the Dad was Less-Active so they have a lot of friends that aren't church going friends. So they had them come to the baptism. Hopefully it was a good experience for them! 
Later we had a lesson with a family of 8 non-members. They have met with the missionaries for over a year, and have never come to church. So we are probably going to drop them here shortly.

Sunday: We did the whole missionary thing in the morning by trying to walk an investigator to church. Gives them more obligation to come when you know you have someone to come "pick you up". However it didn't work. The whole house was dark. She surely was sleeping :/ The only investigator we got to come was Brandon, who was confirmed. I suppose he was the most important one to come! So that was good! :) We didn't have any appointments scheduled. I honestly hate days with no appointments. I don't understand how people do it in other missions where they have one appointment a week.

Monday: MLKJ Day! These kind of Holidays are good for missionary work. Because a lot of people are home, and they normally don't do to many exciting things. So they stay home. Perfect targets for the missionaries! Haha. It was raining/snowing the entire day. We had some massive slush, I like snow. However. I don't like the slush. By the end of the day we had talked with 5/8 Bishops that we cover, we didn't even mean to either. I love our Bishops though they are so good. We had a lesson with Alissa scheduled, and earlier in the week we were told that her sister had moved out, but when we got there today. We learned that she had moved back! :)

Thanks for writing me!!
Elder Wrathall

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