Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Haha, life as a missionary

Wednesday: This week we worked on mastering the art of drop-in lessons. Just knock on the door, get in and share something. I don't like them as much, so much harder to get them to do things. As well with that, we have been running into a lot of old people. I can understand why Thomas S. Monson always stresses to take care of the widows and widowers. It's so sad that they are so lonely! They are always so happy to see us and invite us in. Over the course of my mission I have learned to love visiting those kind of individuals. The non-members are hard when they are that age, we had one literally tell us, "I'm not going to change, I'm going to die soon, so I don't care." Only if he understood he should care! Especially at that time! 

Thursday: We have knocked a couple of doors with our age girls. Elder Clukey is pretty dang handsome, he looks like Peeta off of the Hunger Games, so girls kinda get giggly around him. Haha, it is so funny to see. We had this 89 year old woman hit on him as well! He didn't like that so much. Nevertheless, even with that "flirt to convert" tactic, the girls are somehow able to still say no to the message :(

Friday: This was the day of dropping people. We went to one of our investigators who normally just talks her head off about random things to us. This time I was bold. Whenever she started getting off topic, I would just cut her off and bring it back to the subject. Doing that, we learned really quickly that she actually isn't interested in learning more about the church. She just wants someone to talk to. SO we said adios! That is not our purpose. The we finally caught another investigator home. She is 26ish, he mom in law let us in to talk with her. When we went into the room she was in she quickly said, "I don't want to talk about the church, I just want to go to church!" (She hasn't ever come to church...) We replied, "Cool, we were just coming over to ask if that was the case, if you really wanted to meet with us..." As we were talking, she got up of the couch and went outside (Yeah, like 15 degrees cold outside she was just wearing a t-shirt and pants) and slammed the door, left us there with her chill less active boyfriend. SO that was an interesting visit.

Saturday: One of our lessons we were super excited for was Jason, we were going to go to his house then have him drive us over to a members house and have the lesson there. But once we got there he was in his truck and we were thinking, "Wow! He is all prepared!" But once he saw us he suddenly looked down, then rolled down his window and told us he forgot. One of his best friends died, and his son was sick so he was going to take him to the hospital. He offered to give us a ride though, we had him give us a ride to the member, when we got there we said, "Well this is his house, do you just want to meet him real quick?" He agreed. One hour later, we said "See ya!" And left while they just kept talking. I guess his son wasn't to sick.

Sunday: We only had one investigator come to church again. Man we really want our other investigators to come to church! We met with one later in the day. WE walked up to the house and I saw her through the blinds and we made eye contact, but when we knocked the door. We didn't answer, we knocked three times! Then we went to the other door and knocked there as well, then her brother came an answered the door saying she was at work. I responded, "No... I saw her..." He was like, "Oh, one sec." Then went back into the house, we waited for like another 5 min, then her cousin got to the house and asked us why we were there, we told him, then he said, "One sec." Then went into the house. Finally after 2 minutes or so, she finally came out to greet us, just to say she is to busy. YAY... Haha, life as a missionary

Monday: Started the day off with interviews w/ President Allred. He is such a wonderful man! I love him so much. He told me that they are not doing departing testimony firesides anymore for the mission (Where anyone is invited to come to), Rather they are going to let family members only come to their home and have a departing testimony meeting there. That was sad to hear, thinking of all the people I have met on my mission.
Later in the day, we finally got a hold of Alissa, who we have been trying to get a hold of for 2 weeks. Turns out they went to Wyoming and didn't bring their phones. They just wanted to escape from the world. But now we can finish up Recent convert lessons and teach their other sister so she can be baptized.
This is the last week where I can invite people to be baptized for a date while I will still be in the mission :'(

 Elder Wrathall

The second picture is of someone that was running away from the cops,
then crashed.
Man, what kind of idiot would run away from the cops!

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