Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"The Menu" for dating

I am a terrible picture taker.
This was a creepy door that we knocked. It
looked like the door was
taken out of an elementary school. It was in a long
dark hallway too.

Thursday: Thursdays are the days where we meet with our crazy loud high councilor! He is such an awesome guy, so gung-ho about missionary work all the time. He is the best HC that I have had on my mission. We meet with him bi weekly to go over things, and to try to improve our tactics. We have been losing a lot of our missionary work in his stake sadly, seems all of our work is now in the other stake. :/ 
Friday: One interesting thing about some of the wards around here is their directories, they have everyone's pictures and where the live in this small little booklet thing. We joke around saying that it is "The Menu" for dating. One ward in particular has a ton of detail, including, Major, minor, and interest, in addition to all the other information. Complete dating menu. Haha. However, it works really well being a missionary, because they even have some non-members on those directories!
Saturday: We had 3 lessons!!!! The most we have had on a Saturday. So it was really good Saturday. Sadly no baptisms though :/  We are looking to have 3 baptisms on the 21st though. Transfers are 3 days before that though. So it would be nice not to be transferred. Haha. We had a lesson with Erin for the first time, we met her just the day before. The day before she seemed pretty interested in the church and hearing what we had to say. Today however she seemed completely closed off, and wouldn't agree to pray, read the scriptures, or go to church. So we said good-bye to her. It was weird how black and white she was.
Sunday: We had a lesson with Brodie for the first time. He has been dating a girl in the church, he has been reading the Book of Mormon Daily. So I asked him all the baptismal interview questions and he passed. So now we are just setting a date, we invited him for the 21st. I feel like Utah missions are very different... Haha. Most people we "teach" seem to know a ton already. We are just there to get them in the water. Haha. I think it has been like twice when someone didn't know who Joseph Smith was and what happened to him.
Monday: Getting new investigators on Mondays are the best! WE taught Megan for the first time, she has already been coming to church, she told us that Church and reading the scriptures just makes her so happy! She also, when we invited her for the 5th of December to be baptized asked, "Is it possible that I can be baptized before then?" If you don't call that golden, I don't know what to call it. Haha.
It snowed!!! It was one of my weekly goals to have the snow stick. So therefore God listened to my goal!
 We went to an FHE and what we did there was called "Turkey Rockets." I know, I was a bit skeptical too, but you made a turkey out of construction paper and feathers, then attached a straw and a blown up balloon on it, and put a long string in the straw, and you race turkeys! So that is a fun idea you can do at church or something.

I am doing awesome! Anxious to see what happens next week with transfers. I will probably be transferred which would be super sad. When I get home I can be you gym buddy! I will go everyday! No matter what! I have kind of turned into a gym rat on the mission. Haha. Elder Giles is in Elder Clark's Zone where Clark is a Zone Leader. I am like on the opposite side of the mission :( That's what I get for telling President that I know him! Haha. 
I do wear shoes all day. my p-days have been consisting less activity and more of lounging around the apartment, and taking naps. so I get some kind of a break. Haha
 We got to go to the temple today.
We do play sports with the Zone a lot, so that is good. I try to be healthy as far as buying healthy things. But when people give us unhealthy things, I eat them :/ 
Elder Florschutz's Birthday is the 17th, so next week. He is having his family ship him fresh Halibut and Shrimp. Haha, Dang Alaskan Fishermen! I'm excited to try it out though! :)
Thanks for the email.
Love Elder Wrathall

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